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Does XtraSize Work?


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XtraSize Review 1


According to the XtraSize website, you need a minimum of 7 inches to fully satisfy a woman. With the average erect penis size being quite a bit smaller than that, it would seem there’s a bit of a discrepancy, as well as an opportunity for any guy who wants to position himself to be the one guy every woman wants.


XtraSize is a male enhancement supplement that promises up to 3 inches of penis growth in about 6 months. And even better, the results are permanent. Now I know you’ve probably heard of penis pills that add size before, and you’ve probably been skeptical, but what if this one works?


With a healthy dose of our own skepticism, we took a look at XtraSize, and here’s what we found.


XtraSize Promises


The makers of XtraSize don’t hold back here at all. They flat out claim that unless you’ve got 7 inches, you might as well stay home. You may have game and know how to use all the tools at your disposal, but all that is for nothing if ultimately you don’t have the tool you need.


In the old days, they say, if you wanted a bigger penis, you had to have surgery or use painful, awkward extender devices. Then pills for enlargement came out, but with them came unpleasant side effects and the need for a prescription. Now there’s XtraSize to solve everything. Grow your penis with ease and without side effects.


XtraSize Review 3


How XtraSize Works


The idea behind XtraSize is that if you improve the size, health, and effectiveness of the corpus cavernosa, the end result will be a bigger penis. The corpus cavernosa are the chambers of the penis that receive and hold blood when you’re erect. The more blood they hold, the bigger your erection. If you can enlarge these chambers over time and increase their absorbency, your penile tissue will grow in order to accommodate the larger amount of blood.


XtraSize Ingredients

The XtraSize formula sites 4 main ingredients as well as a supporting cast. Here’s a list of the highlights along with a brief explanation of how they are meant to work:


  • Epimedium Sagittatum which is an herbal aphrodisiac that may boost testosterone levels.
  • Maca which is another herbal aphrodisiac, this one with the ability to improve mood as well.
  • Saw Palmetto (1) which is often used to improve symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
  • Polypodium Vulgare (2) which can improve the elasticity of the skin of your penis, allowing it room to grow.
  • L-Arginine (3) which increases blood flow to the penis by increasing nitric oxide.
  • Muira Puama which is yet another herbal aphrodisiac.
  • Pumpkin which also supports prostate health.


The recommended dose is 1 XtraSize pill per day after breakfast. You should take it every day until you reach your desired size, then taper off to just one pill per week to maintain your results.


XtraSize Review 4XtraSize Before and After Testimonials


It’s usually helpful to see what other guys have to say about a product when you’re trying to make up your mind about whether or not you should use it. The only place we could find this feedback was on the official XtraSize website. You always want to take website testimonials with a grain of salt because companies can fake them, or at least cherry pick just the ones they want you to see. Here are a few reviews taken from the website:


Alex says: “What’s the best thing that ever happened to me? XtraSize. Seriously! I had a four inch penis and it almost ruined my life. Now with XtraSize I’m almost twice the size I used to be and my life is twice as good..”


Christian says: “After my wife gave birth to our first her body went through a lot of changes. We used to have great sex but now her vagina was bigger than before and I had to do something about it. XtraSize made me large enough to fill her completely again!”


Ron says: “I used to be a really angry guy. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, got into arguments and fights all the time. XtraSize didn’t just make my dick bigger, it gives me the confidence to be a real man.”


XtraSize Review 2Where to Buy XtraSize


You can only purchase XtraSize through their official website. It’s not available in stores or through third party online retailers like Amazon.com. The smallest package available is one box, and it’ll last you 2 months. The cost for that is $69. They say this 2 month treatment will add one inch to your penis size. They recommend you go for the 6 month package. This one costs $149 and they say it’ll give you 3 inches in length.


There’s a money back guarantee, but it only applies to unopened packages.


Our XtraSize Conclusion


While I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for permanent enlargement, XtraSize does contain ingredients that will help you achieve bigger, more powerful erections. Along with this comes the confidence they talk about, and the ability to please. And coming in at $69 for 2 months, XtraSize is a good value for an effective sexual performance enhancer.




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Q: what is the price in pakistani rupees -abid

A: You will have to go to the order page and order in the available currencies

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