Best Greek Yogurt Review

Best Greek Yogurt Review for a Protein Rich Small Meal or Snack


Best Greek YogurtI had stayed away from Greek yogurt for awhile until somebody told me the benefits. I know most people like to eat eggs and egg whites for breakfast but my stomach never took a liking to it. I like eating a light breakfast, which often means foregoing a protein rich meal. Since I actually looked at the label, I have been pleasantly impressed by greek yogurt and eat it religiously for breakfast. I also am lactose intolerant, so cottage cheese has been out of the question. Greek yogurt must not have much lactase, because I can eat a ton of it without any stomach problems. Besides, Greek Yogurt is great to eat before I do a grueling Crossfit, P90X, GSP RUSHFIT, or Insanity workout.

The Google searches for “best Greek yogurt” yields a lot of advertisements so I took the time to buy a few different Greek yogurts for this comparison. I had read a few articles on other comparisons and I must say, my choice for best Greek yogurt differed from some other articles because not only did I look at the nutrition labels on the Greek yogurt container, I also compared taste and consistency to pick the best Greek yogurt

Also, since I eat so much Greek yogurt, for this Greek yogurt comparison, I limited to brands that make a large container because the little single servings of Greek Yogurt are great… if you eat like a bird.

For this Greek Yogurt comparison, I chose the 32 oz strawberry flavored Greek Yogurt, the 35.3 oz Fage Greek Yogurt, and the 32 oz Kirkland brand Greek yogurt sold at Costco warehouse stores. Read the fact and decide which one is the best Greek Yogurt


The Chobani Greek yogurt:

  • 19 grams of protein
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 90 mg of sodium
  • 190 calories per 8 oz serving
  • and had a nice flavor and consistency


The Fage (pronounced Fa-yeh) Greek Yogurt:

  • 23 grams of protein
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 85 mg of sodium
  • 130 calories per 8 oz serving
  • had a very thick consistency that stuck to your spoon.Greek Yogurt for a healthy body


The Kirkland Greek Yogurt:

  • 24 grams of protein
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 95 mg of sodium
  • 140 calories per 8 oz serving
  • had a very smooth, almost whipped, consistency


The Best Greek Yogurt is….

 The best Greek Yogurt, in my opinion, is the Kirkland Greek Yogurt because it just had a smoother consistency. It was also a better value for the money where a package of two Kirkland Greek Yogurts ran about $7.00. A very close second place would go to the Fage Greek yogurt which is one of the healthiest, but the consistency is very thick and difficult to spoon into a bowl or eat. Some articles have rated Fage Greek Yogurt as the best Greek Yogurt, so the verdict is up to you.

Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt does not always have the best taste if it is unflavored. Most manufacturers make small flavored containers, but the price per serving is high. You can dress up your Greek yogurt by adding fresh fruit, frozen fruit, or protein powder, like SunWarrior Warrior Vegan Protein. A tablespoon of protein powder, such as protein powder by Cellucor or Muscle Development, would jazz up the best Greek Yogurt taste and increase the benefits.

If you are eating Greek yogurt to lose weight, give your Greek Yogurt a powerful boost by adding powder, or take a stimulant free weight loss pill like Cellucor CLK, which uses raspberry ketones to increase weight loss. If you work out in the morning, Super HD is another great product that can increase you fitness and weight loss goals.

What is your best Greek yogurt? Leave a comment!


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