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Does Gwee Gym Work?


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Gwee Gym isn’t a supplement. It’s a home workout system designed for use by anyone from the very beginner to the advanced fitness buff. It’s compact and fully portable, enabling you to perform exercises for every part of your body whether you’re at home or on the road.


Gwee Gym Review 1What Is Gwee Gym?


Gwee Gym is a total body workout kit that’s gentle on your joints and provides a comprehensive resistance workout for anyone at any level. It’s based on the concept of low, continuous resistance using bands. They claim that Gwee Gym can replace your gym membership and all or most of the equipment you have at home, making keeping fit a cheaper and less complicated part of your healthy lifestyle.



How Gwee Gym Works


Typical resistance bands get harder to pull the farther apart they get. So the work required starts out easy and gets harder. Gwee Gym maintains constant tension to work your muscles equally from start to finish with smooth and controlled range of motion that’s easy on your joints. The idea is that the smooth motion is easier on joints and facilitates the kind of high rep workout that will get you the results you want without the added strain on your body that you’ll get with free weights or traditional resistance bands. By applying constant force all the way through the motion, you’ll be able to fully extend your muscle, adding flexibility and strength.

Gwee Gym Lite vs Gwee Gym Pro


Gwee Gym comes in 2 versions – Gwee Gym Lite and Gwee Gym Pro. The only difference is the level of resistance. Gwee Gym Lite (the original version) is for those who want the low resistance of 1.5 lbs, while Gwee Gym Pro ups the resistance 50% to 2.25 lbs.


Gwee Gym Review 2What’s Included with Gwee Gym?


When you order the Gwee Gym, you’ll get the device along with several extras including:


  • The travel bag for easy portability.
  • A workout DVD with 3 distinct workouts.
  • Two getting started guides including basic beginning workouts.
  • The Healthy Eating System ebook with nutritional guide.


Who Can Use Gwee Gym?


Probably the most positive attribute of the Gwee Gym is that it can be used by almost anyone. You can use it to work your arms, chest, back, shoulders, core, and legs. You can use it for cardio. You can use it standing up. You can use it sitting down. It can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. It can even be used in a wheelchair.


Where to Buy Gwee Gym


Gwee Gym is not available in stores. It’s sold through infomercials on TV, through it’s website online, and at Amazon.com. The Gwee Gym Lite is sold for $59.98 while the Gwee Gym Pro comes in a little higher at $79.98. If you order through the official company, you’ll be covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.


Gwee Gym Before and After Reviews


Because you can buy Gwee Gym on Amazon, we were able to find several reviews from real customers who’ve actually used it. Most of the feedback is very positive:


Mitty says: “I am a man 74 years of age. Have worked out at gyms and at home on and off most of my life. Routinely use my tredmill and weight pulley system on occasion resulting in pulled muscles(age). Have been using Gwee Gym for about two months, with great results. I provides lighter even resistance that allows me higher reps with NO discomfort, would recommend this system to anyone interested in a great workout without discomfort, especially those in my age group.”


Chappy says: “I’ve been wanting something like this for so long. Lightweight. So many exercise options. Portable. Well made. I am currently using it to regain some shoulder mobility from being a bad girl and not doing enough PT after a long ago shoulder surgery. Love it love it love it!”


The negative feedback almost all centers around 2 things: the fact that the resistance is very low and the price is too high. Here’s an example that covers both:


“I purchased Gwee Gym Pro Resistance band exercise kit almost 3 weeks back. It seems to be a good product with potential to provide multiple workout options. I am using it almost every day…..few observations: I’m using its Pro version, but the resistance is still light /low and the price is definitely high for the overall package.”


Gwee Gym Review 3


Gwee Gym Pros


  • It’s convenient and very portable so you can work out anywhere.
  • It’s a great option for home-bound, elderly, or disabled people who want to work out as much as they can.
  • The smooth full range of motion is easy on joints.


Gwee Gym Cons


  • The resistance of the bands, at 1.5 and 2.25 lbs – is very low. It won’t be of much benefit to anyone wanting to build muscle. It could be fine for a little toning, but it won’t replace weights for lifting.
  • It’s much more expensive than resistance bands you can pick up in a sporting goods store.


Our Gwee Gym Conclusion


Gwee Gym has its purpose, mainly for beginners and anyone who needs something easy, convenient, and light to get a little fit and add a little strength. But it’s no substitute for going to the gym and lifting weights.

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