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Cellucor ZMA vs TestoFuel – Which is the best ZMA test booster

Cellucor ZMA vs Testofuel – Which is the best ZMA testosterone booster Losing sleep over which ZMA supplement is the best? You have seen my article on TestoFuel vs. TestoRipped. TestoRipped is a joke. When it comes to products that boost testosterone using Zinc Magnesium Aspartate, deciding Cellucor ZMA vs Testofuel is a little tougher. Everybody knows the ZMA products are awesome. They can boost testosterone and enhance muscle recovery from punishing…


Testo Fuel vs TestoRipped Review – Which One For CrossFitters?

Testo Fuel vs TestoRipped – What Are They? When you’re doing all the right things and you just can’t get over that next hurdle, it’s probably time to look to supplementation. You do your WODs, your fly pushups, your triceps presses, and it’s all good. Except you’re not gaining the muscle you want. Believe me, we’ve all been there. It’s not like we’re going to ask the doctor for hormone shots, but a guy could use a…


Best Greek Yogurt Review

Best Greek Yogurt Review for a Protein Rich Small Meal or Snack
I had stayed away from Greek yogurt for awhile until somebody told me the benefits. I know most people like to eat eggs and egg whites for breakfast but my stomach never took a liking to it. I like eating a light breakfast, which often means foregoing a protein rich meal. Since I actually looked at the label, I have been pleasantly impressed by greek yogurt and eat it religiously for breakfast. I also am…


Cellucor Super HD – A Real Review

Cellucor Super HD Thermogenic Supplement Review I remember the first thermogenic fat-burners that I took as a pre-workout supplement and to cut a few pounds before heading to Cancun, Mexico many years ago. I do not want to date myself, but JaRule was #1 and you heard Nelly’s “must be the money” in every bar. The Thermodrene and Ripped Fuel pills left made me pumped, but definitely made me jittery.

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