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BODYHACKER Pre Workout – What Is It?

bodyhacker preworkoutYou and I know that CrossFit isn’t just a workout plan, right? It’s a thought process. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a passion. It’s a family. From your local training box to the WOD, your relationship to CrossFit probably touches every (or most every) aspect of your life. It only makes sense that this would include your pre workout supplement. And now it does.

BODYHACKER Pre Workout is tailor-made for CrossFitters. The company’s mission statement reads a bit like it belongs in a CrossFitter’s manifesto. To paraphrase, they say that they identify mental and physical limitations, then overcome them through research and experimentation. Once they find the best answers, their goal is to share them with the world.

Who Makes BODYHACKER Pre Workout?

It’s worth mentioning that the origins of BodyHacker Supplements are similar to those of CrossFit. Both were started by a guy who discovered something that worked for themselves, and wanted to share it with the world. For BODYHACKER Pre Workout, that was a software developer named James Wansley who started trying out pre workouts to help him keep up with younger guys at the gym and found himself disappointed over and over again. So he began experimenting with his own formulas. When he finally created what he thought was the best, he started sharing. After a while and some encouragement from friends, he created his company, BODYHACKER Supplements, so he could share his discoveries with the world.

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What’s In BODYHACKER Pre Workout?

The three main components in the BODYHACKER Pre Workout formula support the 3 main systems necessary for optimal athletic performance.

The Respiratory System is supported with Cordyceps Sinensis. This mushroom opens up both your bronchial passages and the blood vessels leading to your lungs. As a result, your oxygen intake and utilization are increased and maximized.

The Cardiovascular System is supported by AAKG or L-Arginine. This amino acid increases nitric oxide production which means that you’ve got better blood flow with each beat of your heart.

The Muscular System is supported by the combination of Kre-Alkalyn which is a pH balanced form of creatine), Beta Alanine, Nitric Oxide, and Cordyceps Sinsensis. Together, they keep your muscles energized, they prevent the build up of lactic acid, and they give your muscles what they need to recover more quickly and completely.

In addition to that, the BODYHACKER Pre Workout formula is packed with vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy overall balance. These include:

  • Vitamin B6 to ease the metabolism of amino acids.
  • Vitamin B12 to improves your focus and quicken cell recovery.
  • Chromium Picolinate to improve your metabolism of fat and protein leading to less fat and more lean muscle.
  • Yerba Mate Tea Extract to provide a natural boost of energy with its pure form of caffeine.

What’s Different About BODYHACKER Pre Workout?

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Given that there are hundreds of pre workout supplements to choose from, this is a really good question. One of the main differences is that BODYHACKER Pre Workout doesn’t get you all jacked up. The 50 mg of caffeine from the natural Yerba Mate source is just enough to feel the focus and motivation, but not enough to get you over-amped and unable to sleep at night. Another difference is the Cordyceps Sinensis for opening up your airways so you get more oxygen to you lungs and your muscles. Lastly, BODYHACKER Pre Workout doesn’t have to be cycled. All the ingredients are suited for continuous use.

I must say that the taste of BodyHacker Preworkout supplement was unremarkable at best. It did not taste bad, but it was not melted italian ice either.  Instead of crazy artificial flavors that overwhelm your palate, it went doen easy.

BODYHACKER Pre Workout was originally conceived with endurance athletes in mind, but was soon updated for CrossFit as James Wansley transitioned into the life himself. Now, it’s as great for your high intensity interval training as it is for your 10 mile run.


Where to Buy BODYHACKER Pre Workout

While it’s starting to show up in a few boutique supplement shops here and there, the best place to buy BODYHACKER Pre Workout is at the BODYHACKER website. The 30 serving tub sells for $49.99 with coupon code “HIS10”.

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Our BODYHACKER Pre Workout Recommendation

You chose the CrossFit lifestyle. Now it’s time to choose the supplement that supports it. Use your coupon code “HIS10”, and pick up a tub of BODYHACKER Pre Workout.

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