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Cellucor Alpha Amino replaces sports drinks with no sugar, no calories, but all the BCAAs and hydration.


What Is Cellucor Alpha Amino?

Note: This is just a review of Cellucor NO3 Chrome. To visit the official Cellucor Website, Click Here.


Cellucor Alpha AminoMove over Gatorade. There’s a new sheriff in town. Forget the sugary “sports drinks.” They’ve got nothing on Cellucor Alpha Amino. With no calories and no sugar, Cellucor Alpha Amino keeps you hydrated, fuels endurance, and speeds recovery. You can drink it before workouts, during workouts, after workouts. It’s possibly the most flexible workout aid we’ve found. And I know a lot of guys who wouldn’t be without it.

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Cellucor Alpha Amino Ingredients

The ingredient profile for Cellucor Alpha Amino is broken down into 3 matrices:

The Alpha-BCAA Matrix (5 grams)

  • This is where you get your Branched Chain Amino Acids. You need these to prevent muscle loss and encourage protein Cellucor alpha amino ingredientssynthesis. It’s especially important when you’re in a cutting/shredding phase to prevent the otherwise inevitable loss of lean muscle. The most important BCAA in this process is Luceine, and Cellucor Alpha Amino has 3 kinds to do the job for you. BCAAs activate key enzymes in Protein Synthesis  (1)

The Alpha Amino Complex (2.5 grams)

  • This is where you get the rest of your amino acids necessary for protein synthesis. This means quicker and more complete recovery from even your hardest workout days.

The Alpha Hydration Formula

  • You can’t overstate the importance of maintaining hydration during and post workout. This complex uses Chia Seed and Coconut Water to keep you in amino acid, minerals, and electrolytes. You don’t even have to be working out to benefit from this kind of hydration.

How Cellucor Alpha Amino Works

The recommended serving is 1 or 2 scoops in 8 ounces or more of water. It mixes well so using your shaker cup or a gallon jug works. Speaking of gallon jugs, there are lots of different ways to use Cellucor Alpha Amino. You can add it to your single serving of water and sip during your workout or chug after. Or you can add it to, say, a half gallon or gallon jug of water and sip it throughout the day. Remember, it’s sugar and calorie free so it’s a great way to get your daily water (and then some).


My Cellucor Alpha Amino Testimonial

I love cycling.  I have used many intra workout drinks designed for cycling like Nuun tablets and Skratch Labs drinks, but I honestly think that Cellucor Alpha Amino gives me the endurance to finish those long rides up hill and on long straightaways. I usually mix one water bottle with plain water and the other with a heavy Cellucor Alpha Amino drink.  Watermelon is my favorite.  Whatever you endurance sport is, Cellucor Alpha Amino should help you go the distance.


Cellucor Alpha Amino Special Offer

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Other Tesimonials on Cellucor Alpha Amino G4

“I received the new alpha amino G4 to try out and so far I am very pleased. I try to not use preworkout on light, cardio and plyos days ( kind of cycle off) but it’s hard to get the energy after 10 hour workday… Let me just say that this bcaa product doesn’t have caffeine so it doesn’t give you the kick *** energy of a pre workout. However I take it pre and Intra and I can sustain a long hiit training without fatigue and dehydratiation that I usually get training fasted. I got the watermelon flavor which is not too sweet mixed in 16oz water – love it. It needs some extra shaking in a blender bottle or else you taste small particles thou. I took it for recovery as well- after heavy leg day and I beleive it helped me with DOMS the next day. Overall great for fasted workouts and recovery – exactly what you need from a BCAA supplement. Also great on low carb days to keep off the edge.”


“I take before/during my workouts and it helps me stay hydrated. I have noticed that my muscles aren’t as sore and before I started using this I was gettng leg and foot cramps. They have now stopped”


“The Cellucor Alpha Amino Supplement helps keep me hydrated and feeling good regardless of my level of activity. It has natural ingredients without stimulants or sugar, and a variety of flavors. So far I’ve tried watermelon and lemon-lime. Both are good but the lemon-lime is my favorite. Would recommend trying! They come in a sealed silver jar with professional packaging, contact information and expiration date on the bottom. It’s sort of like powdered Gatorade mix but way healthier. “


How Does Cellucor Alpha Amino Taste?

In a word – Fantastic. I’ve tried the Icy Blue Razz and it tastes just like a blue ice pop. There’s also Lemon-Lime, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon. I’ve heard the Fruit Punch tastes like Kool-Aid and the Watermelon tastes like a Jolly Rancher. So it seems like you can’t lose on flavor. The taste will obviously be stronger or weaker depending on how much water you use. It will either be like a sweet drink or a flavored water. Personally, I like to drink it throughout the day. I put one scoop in a half gallon jug so mine is more like flavored water. If you do use it this way, you’ll want to shake it up before you drink it. There will be some settling.


What’s Good About Cellucor Alpha Amino?

  • It tastes great and mixes well. (Make sure to re-shake before you drink to overcome the settling).
  • It’s sugar and calorie-free.
  • It can both prevent muscle loss and turn on muscle growth.
  • It quickens recovery times after workouts. In fact, I’ve had to think twice to remember that I even worked out the previous day.

What’s Bad About Cellucor Alpha Amino

  • It’s not cheap, but if you look around you’ll find that prices vary.
  • Cellucor Alpha Amino Contains tree nuts, and allergen to some. This is due to the extract from coconut.

Where to Buy Cellucor Alpha Amino

Cellucor Alpha Amino is at GNC, but it’s more expensive there than anywhere else I’ve seen. You can get the 30 serving tub at the Cellucor website for $44.99. If you use coupon code “intense”, you will get 25% off and free shipping when creating a login at Cellucor.com! I’ve seen it for less at other retail sites though so you may want to look around.


Our Cellucor Alpha Amino Conclusions

There’s lately been a resurgence in the idea that BCAAs are really good for anyone trying to build muscle or lose fat without losing the muscle they already have. Add that to the fact that this is essentially a sugar-free sports drink with the power to help you recovery almost effortlessly, and it simply becomes clear that you need to add Cellucor Alpha Amino to your stack.


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(1) Blomstrand, Eva, et al. “Branched-chain amino acids activate key enzymes in protein synthesis after physical exercise.” The Journal of nutrition 136.1 (2006): 269S-273S.

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  • Alpha Aminos by Cellucor are great. I use these for my workouts and they not only taste well, but the keep me hydrated, they make it seem like I didn’t even workout the previous day, and I can see the results coming in. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy supplements. They are spendy, but well worth it.

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