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Want something to to sustain a 50 mile bike ride or Triathlon sprint? I love these little N-Zero stick packs


Cellucor N-Zero Extreme Review

N zero extreme I do a lot of cycling on my Specialized Road bike. I am an all around guy that does Crossfit, P90x, Insanity and have gotten into Triathlon Training. I am not a gym meathead or body builder per se. However, I noticed the supplements in the biking industry tend to be weak. If you are looking to take a pre-workout supplement before your 30 or 40 mile ride or a triathlon sprint, then try Cellucor N0 (thats N-zero not N”O” like I called it for months) Extreme. Unlike some of the lame cycling supplements you can get at Clever Training or Competitive Cyclist, Cellucor N-Zero Extreme actually works. This does not replace the Electrolyte tabs or nutrition, but it does help you kick some butt on the rollers. I started taking Cellucor N-Zero Extreme powder before my Crossfit workouts and then my cycling and training for triathlon sprints. It may not be the Cellucor best seller like Cellucor M5 or Cellucor P6, but it is very effective for the following reasons. Cellucor N-Zero Exteme is:

  • Creatine Free
  • Contains NO3 technology
  • Contains BCAA’s (Branch Chained Amino Acids) for muscle building
  • Contains Beta Alanine to support NO3 in the body to pump your workout
    n-zero extreme triathlete pre workout

    That N-Zero Extreme still can make that transition easier


What is Cellucor N-Zero Extreme?

NO3 is Nitrate that dilates smooth muscle tissue to maximize blood flow into whatever muscle group you’re working on that day. It could be legs, shoulders, biceps for your Crossfit WOD, or it could be 35 mile bike ride with crazy elevation… either way, it pumps your muscles. Cellucor’s N-Zero Extreme contains NO3 as Arginine Nitrate, a mix of L-Arginine and Nitric Acid. These two efficient and powerful vasodilators generate unmatched NO levels in the body, promoting a lean, hard physique, dense muscle tone, amplifies strength and athletic performance, and promotes quick muscle recovery by augmenting nutrient delivery. N-Zero Extreme contains Synephrine and Caffeine to dramatically increase fat burning, boost energy levels and enhance focus while working out. These ingredients help you push yourself harder, burn body fat faster, and eliminate distractions.

How do you take Cellucor N-Zero Extreme

N0 stick

Here is my N-zero stick.. where is yours?!

Cellucor N-Zero Extreme is a powder that you mix about 30 minutes before your workout. You can purchase Cellucor N-Zero Extreme in either a 30 serving jar, or I prefer the box of 30 stick-packets since I do not always bike near my home.

Who should take Cellucor N-Zero Extreme?

You can take Cellucor N-Zero if you are:

  • Female athlete avoiding Creatine and Sugar
  • Triathlete
  • Diabetic
  • Avid road cycler
  • Taking other Creatine Products

 Can I take Cellucor N-Zero Extreme with any other products?

Cellucor N-Zero Extreme is one of those products that can be stacked with many other products.  If you want to really enhance your results but are careful of you take, consider HyperGH14x, Cellucor P6, TestoFuel or Phen375.runnung nyc

Where can I get Cellucor N-Zero extreme

Cellucor N-Zero Extreme is available at most supplement stores. Since Cellucor N-Zero Extreme sells out and gets back-ordered, the most convenient place to get Cellucor N-Zero Extreme is at Cellucor.com. It runs about $50 for 30 stick-packets. If you use coupon code “intense” you can save 20% and get free shipping on you Cellucor N-Zero Extreme and even you Cellucor.com Order.

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Cellucor N-Zero is a personal favorite for me that I reserve for triathlon training and cycling or when I am avoiding Creatine.  I can not give it 5 stars objectively, but I highly recommend it.

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