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For Men and Women


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You may have noticed that while there are hundreds of sexual enhancement products available for men who want to improve their libidos, erections, and/or staying power, there are very few available to women, and even fewer that claim to work for both. Extreme FX Spray does just that. It claims to be one you both can use, together, so together you’re having the best sex of not just your relationship, but of your entire life.



Benefits of Extreme FX Spray


The benefits of Extreme FX Spray to men and women are similar, yet distinct.


For Men, Extreme FX Spray:


  • Increased blood to the penis for harder, more easily achieved, longer lasting erections.
  • Boosts sex drive.
  • Improves sexual pleasure.
  • Improves overall sexual health.

For Women, Extreme FX Spray:


  • Boosts libido for increased sexual desire.
  • Improves sexual pleasure.
  • Increases lubrication.
  • Intensifies orgasms and makes them more frequent.


How Does Extreme FX Spray Work


Extreme FX Spray claims to work through the use of “Adaptogens.” In fact, they claim that there are 24 adaptogens in the world, and that Extreme FX Spray contains every one of them. Adaptogens are herbs that help your body respond properly to stress. They each have other functions as well, but this is what they all have in common.


The theory is that if you’re not burdened by stress in your life, you’ll be more ready, willing, and able to enjoy sex.


Our research showed, however, that there are not just 24 adaptogens in the world, and that Extreme FX Spray doesn’t actually contain all of them. It does contain quite a few, and we’re not saying the formula is no good. We just point out the discrepancy to show that perhaps Extreme FX Spray should do more research into how their product works.

Extreme FX Spray Ingredients


Extreme FX Spray Review 4


The Extreme FX Spray formula does indeed contain 24 ingredients, many of them adaptogens. We’ll highlight a few and discuss a little about what other benefits they offer:


  • Yohimbe (1) is a central nervous system stimulant that also improves blood flow to your genitals to improve erections and sensation.
  • Damiana Leaf is an herbal aphrodisiac that puts you in the mood.
  • Asian Red Ginseng improves sex drive and increases female sexual stimulation.
  • Catuaba Bark (2) is another herbal aphrodisiac.
  • Muira Puama boosts sexual performance and helps men last longer.
  • Passion Flower is an herbal anxiety remedy that also doubles as an aphrodisiac.
  • Rhodiola Rosea helps balance hormone levels in times of stress.


How To Use Extreme FX Spray


Instructions are to spray 6 sprays under your tongue. The sublingual application method ensures that you feel the effects and are ready to go within minutes.


Extreme FX Spray Side Effects


The presence of Yohimbe in a supplement means that there is a possibility for side effects. The FDA has issued a warning against it because for some people, it could be potentially dangerous. It can cause a rapid, racing heartbeat, along with sweating. It can also lower your blood pressure, to a potentially dangerous level. This effect is relatively rare, but it can happen.


Extreme FX Spray Before and After Testimonials


Extreme FX Spray Review 3


The only place we could find customer feedback was on the official Extreme FX Spray website, so it tends to be very glowing. Here’s what some customers had to say:


Sandra says: “For the first time in my life I actually hit my climax… the best feeling I have ever experienced sexually.”


Joe says: “I’ve never felt such throbbing pleasure in my life! Once you spray this stuff, you need to get laid quick!”


Mike says: “It’s nice to have something we both can use to get us at the same excitement level. LOVE the way it makes us feel ‘down there!’”


Where to Buy Extreme FX Spray


You can only purchase Extreme FX Spray through their official website. At this time, they offer three separate packages. You can buy a single bottle for $69.95. You can buy 2 bottles and get 1 free for $129.95. Or you can buy 3 bottles and get 2 free for a total of a 5 month supply for $149.95.


They highlight their money back guarantee, but it’s not what you think it is. You can only return unopened, unused, undamaged bottles. That means you cannot try it and obtain a refund if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.


Also, every returned bottle is it with a $7 restocking fee, so if you think you can take advantage of the bulk savings and still be covered, know that for every bottle you return, you’ll lose $7.


A few other review websites, and the Terms and Conditions page on the Extreme FX Spray website lead me to believe that at one time, it was offered as a free trial product with the autoshipping switcharoo. That options doesn’t seem to be available currently, but make sure you read all the fine print if you do place an order.


Our Extreme FX Spray Conclusion


It’s a great idea to have a product that men and women can both share to reach the common goal of great sex. But there are a few problems with Extreme FX Spray. The yohimbe could be problematic depending on how much is in the formula, which we don’t know. And the money back guarantee is very tight and specific. It’s been my experience that when companies put so much effort into making sure it’s difficult to get your money back, they usually don’t have a very solid product to begin with.





(1) Effect of yohimbine hydrochloride on erectile impotence: a double-blind study. Susset JG, Tessier CD, Wincze J, Bansal S, Malhotra C, Schwacha MG. Department of Urology, Providence Veterans Administration Medical Center, Rhode Island. The Journal of Urology


(2) Brazilian plants as possible adaptogens: An ethnopharmacological survey of books edited in Brazil. Fúlvio Rieli Mendes, Elisaldo A. Carlini. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Volume 109, Issue 3, 12 February 2007, Pages 493–500.

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