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HGH XL Review 1

If you want better results in the gym, one thing to consider is a natural testosterone booster. It won’t give you results like actual juicing will, but it can improve your energy, fat burning, mood, and strength, which will help you get better muscle growth along with your strict diet and workout routine. But there’s another way to go, and you can use it alone or alongside a testosterone booster. I’m talking about increasing HGH levels by using a natural HGH secretagogue. There are some differing opinions about whether or not natural HGH supplements work, but the one we’re looking at specifically today is called HGH XL. We’ll inspect the formula and take a look at what customers have to say, and we’ll let you know if HGH XL is worth spending your time and money on.



HGH XL Benefits


Children’s bodies make a whole lot of HGH or Human Growth Hormone, and that makes sense because it’s integral to the body’s growth process. But as we age and don’t need it as much anymore, our levels drop right off. In recent years, however, it’s been discovered that HGH is almost like the fountain of youth. The more you have in your body, the younger you look and feel. You’re stronger, you’re leaner, your skin is smoother, you have more energy. You name it. If it has to do with youth, increased HGH helps it along. Wealthy people go so far as to get synthetic HGH injections, but the cost of these is prohibitive for most of us. That’s why there are supplements like HGH XL, which claim to help your body increase its own natural HGH production.


HGH XL Review 3


By using HGH XL, the claims are that you’ll:


  • Build more lean muscle.
  • Feel stronger.
  • Improve your endurance.
  • Shorten muscle recovery time.
  • Perform better sexually.


HGH XL Ingredients


Like most HGH secretagogues, the HGH XL formula is grounded in Amino Acids. Certain amino acids are thought to stimulate HGH production and release within your body. Those include:


  • L-Ornithine which has been shown in studies to reduce workout fatigue by increasing the elimination of ammonia. L-Ornithine is not abundantly available in the foods we typically eat, so supplement is often necessary to get the desired effects.
  • L-Arginine (1) which is a precursor to nitric oxide which increases blood flow through the mechanism of vasodilation. More blood flowing to your muscles means more oxygen and nutrients delivered for better muscle pumps and better post workout recovery.
  • BCAAs (or Branched Chain Amino Acids) (2) which support protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown. These are important for improved post workout recovery. You’ll be less sore and you’ll bounce back more quickly.
  • Astragalus which helps your body adapt the the stress caused by muscle fatigue. It helps you achieve a balanced focus, even when things get rough.
  • Panax Notoginseng which has been used in China for centuries to provide energy and fight against fatigue.


HGH XL review 3HGH XL Reviews


The formula frankly looks a little weak. It may help increase energy, focus, and well being slighly for your workouts and in general, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to boost HGH levels. The amino acid complex would have to be more comprehensive. So we looked to the HGH XL reviews we found online to help us find out whether or not this stuff actually works. And it doesn’t look good. We found a whole lot of one-star reviews, and they all say basically the same thing:


“Lots of hype but no real results”

“Load of twaddle. The adverts claim the earth but the product is completely useless.”

“For me personally, it did nothing. Not sure if it’s what it says on the label.”

“Rubbish and waste of money.”




  • The ingredients are all natural.




  • The reviews are awful. So many customers are responding that this stuff just doesn’t work.
  • They make lots of claims, but apparently don’t keep any promises.
  • There’s a free trial scam that you need to watch out for.


HGH XL Review 2


Where to Buy


Originally, HGH XL was only available through a free trial offer where you sign up, pay a small shipping fee, and they send you a month’s supply. If you don’t act within 14 days from your order day, you’ll be charged about $150 for the bottle you already got, and you’ll be signed up to receive a new bottle every month at full price. It’d be fine if you knew what you were getting into and you chose it (and if it weren’t so expensive!), but that’s not how this works. They hide the terms away in the very small print where most customers don’t see it. Two weeks later, when they’re charged full price, they’re taken completely off guard.


These days, however, you can also buy HGH XL outright at Amazon in the UK for about $85. This is a good thing for a couple reasons. You can buy it outright without signing up for the free trial. And because it’s on Amazon, we have access to customer feedback that we wouldn’t otherwise have.  And forget about finding HGH XL in GNC, Vitamin shop or online retailers like Bodybuilding.com.


HGH XL Conclusion


Increasing HGH is a great thing for building muscle, feeling younger, and overall better health. The problem is HGH XL can’t provide increased HGH. If I were you, I would listen to the reviewers. It would be nice if HGH XL worked. But unfortunately, it does not.


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(2) Branched-chain amino acid supplementation during 30-km competitive run: mood and cognitive performance. Hassmén P, Blomstrand E, Ekblom B, Newsholme EA. Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, Pripps Research Laboratories, Bromma, Sweden. Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.)


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