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Product Reviewed: LG Sciences C2K

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LG Sciences C2K supercharges your diet and exercise efforts.


What is LG Sciences C2K?

Note: This is just a review of LG Sciences C2K. To order, visit the website.


Everybody’s looking for the hottest new fat burner, and it seems like every company promises they have it. But let’s face it, we’ve all been burned, so to speak. These companies prey on the fears and insecurities of people who’ve tried and failed to lose weight and get in shape. They know that if you make all the right promises and use just the right words and images, they’ll reel you in and you’ll buy what they’re selling. And a month from now, you’ll be disappointed.


LG Sciences C2K Review 4That’s why when you’re in the market for something like a weight loss aid, the smartest thing you can do is align yourself with a reputable company, a company that makes lots of supplements and counts on their products to help them grow a positive reputation as an outfit offering quality merchandise.


LG Sciences C2K is another yoyo company. LG Sciences is a fairly popular company in the bodybuilding supplement industry, and LG Sciences C2K is their fat burning product.


Benefits of LG Sciences C2K


LG Sciences C2K is in some ways a traditional fat burner and in other ways, it’s very different. Alot of the ingredients are the same ones we see in other fat burners.


FDA Seizes LG Sciences Inventory

In March 2006, FDA sent Warning Letters to four more manufacturers and distributors of synthetic steroid-containing products illegally marketed as dietary supplements.  One of these companies, LG Sciences (formerly Legal Gear), was the subject of an FDA seizure in April 2008 of nearly $1.3 million worth (23,300 bottles) of illegal synthetic steroid-containing body-building products labeled as dietary supplements.  To see the official FDA testimony, Click Here.

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LG Sciences C2K Ingredients

So it’s clear that LG Sciences C2K works, but what’s in the formula that makes it work? LG Sciences C2K combines a few of the hottest fat burning ingredients on the market, and leaves out the stimulants. The LG Sciences C2K Review 3formula includes:


  • Chlorogenic Acid (from Green Coffee Beans) which has been all the rage recently for its ability to slow down the absorption of fat while encouraging the metabolism of already stored fat.
  • Raspberry Ketones which encourage the breakdown of fat already stored in your body.
  • L-Carnitine which is becoming popular weight loss because it’s improves cell health while it facilitates the use of stored fat as energy.


How To Use LG Sciences C2K

LG Sciences C2K comes in the form of a liquid, using LG Sciences unique delivery system. You hold your dose under your tongue for 60 seconds. This gets the ingredients immediately to your blood stream where they get to work right away. Then you swish it around in your mouth and swallow it, delivering longer term effects through your digestive system. They claim that their sublingual deliver is much faster than pills, and that does have some credence.  We are just not sure how much.



Where to Buy LG Sciences C2K

LG Sciences C2K is available at the LG Sciences website. The 120 serving container lasts for a month at the recommended dose, and it costs a very reasonable $39.99.  Unfortunately, the LG Sciences website is always out of stock and other resellers have dwindling stock.  We think it is best to stay away.

LG Sciences C2K Review 2

Our LG Sciences C2K Recommendation

One of the biggest problems with weight loss supplements these days is the use of stimulants to the point of potential overstimulation. We do have a problem with some of LG Science’s run-ins with the FDA and that is usually a red flag.  Our suggestion is to move on to greener pastures.


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