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Too Good to be True?


Does OxyELITE Pro Work?


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OxyELITE Pro has been a hugely popular weight loss supplement for a number of years, and there’s a reason for that. It’s because it worked. But it’s gone through some rough times in the last couple of years, and currently, it’s future is not known.


Let’s start at the beginning.



What is OxyELITE Pro?


OxyELITE Pro is a popular fat burning supplement that developed quite a following because it had a great reputation for working really well. The formula has gone through several iterations over the years, for reasons we’ll discuss a little later.


All along the way, however, it has maintain a reputation for getting the job done.


OxyELITE Pro Ingredients


The current OxyELITE Pro formula is listed as:


  • Bauhinia Purpurea which helps improve thyroid function.
  • Bacopa Monniere which also helps improve thyroid function.
  • DMAA (1)  which was recalled by the FDA back in 2013. At the time, USP Labs stopped using it in OxyELITE Pro, but at this point the company is back to using the ingredient, and fighting the FDA for the legal right.
  • Cirsium Oligophyllum which has the ability to burn subcutaneous fat.
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract (2) which is a central nervous system stimulant that speeds up your metabolism It can cause side effects with a lot of users, especially at higher doses. Since OxyELITE Pro uses a proprietary blend, it’s impossible to know how much is used.

That’s the formula for now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


OxyELITE Pro’s Sordid History with the FDA


oxyelite pro recalledOxyELITE Pro was first introduced by USP Labs in 2010. It contained a powerful fat burning ingredient called DMAA, which was often compared to ephedra, the previously recalled powerhouse that everyone’s been trying to emulate since it was taken off the market.


For a while, DMAA was the closest thing. That is until in 2013 when the FDA decided that it may also be dangerous, and declared that it could not longer be sold in supplements. Most companies pulled their DMAA products off the shelves. USPLab did stop making OxyELITE Pro, and destroyed their inventory.


The next version of OxyELITE Pro contained a DMAA substitute called Aegeline, but the FDA balked at this as well, saying there wasn’t any safety information on the new substance. Later that year, several people in Hawaii died of liver failure, a significant number of them had been taking this new version of OxyELITE Pro.


USP Labs stopped making this version and came up with a third version. This one was tested by the FDA and found to contain an undisclosed ingredient – the prescription drug Fluoxetine, a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. USP Labs has denied that they’ve done anything wrong or unsafe to their customers, but at this point, I can’t find anywhere that it’s being sold in any of its versions.


OxyELITE Pro Before and After Reviews


There’s a lot of customer feedback about OxyELITE Pro, but it’s tough to know which version it all refers to. In any event, we found a lot of positive feedback. The following review from 2012 is great because it encapsulates both sides of the coin. Judging by the date, it’s probably referring to the original version:


Angi says: OxyELITE Pro ain’t no joke. I can feel it working 10 minutes after I take a pill. I work out with it in the morning and sweat like a hog. I recently just had a baby and last time I took it I dropped 20 pounds in a month. Hoping to repeat the process. My only complaint is that I do notice my heart flying out of my chest when I’m working out. And I am not sensitive to stimulants. But for $35 a bottle, I would recommend this to anyone.”


So she’s thrilled with the results, but also feels the side effects. To her, they are worth it.


Where to Buy OxyELITE Pro


There’s an OxyELITE Pro website full of information on the product, but when you click through to buy, it takes you to a different supplement of a similar name. This is a pretty clear indication that it’s not available at this time. I can’t say this will always be the case. In fact if history tells us anything it’s that OxyELITE Pro will most likely be back.


Our OxyELITE Pro Conclusion


I have to admit I’m curious about OxyELITE Pro. But I don’t know that I’m curious enough to take foolish risks with my health. At this point, it doesn’t seem to be an option, but when the option does become available again, I probably won’t jump on it.




(1) Case Reports: Death of Active Duty Soldiers Following Ingestion of Dietary Supplements Containing 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (DMAA). Eliason, Michael J.; Eichner, Amy; Cancio, Anthony; Bestervelt, Lori; Adams, Bruce D.; Deuster, Patricia A. Military Medicine . Dec2012, Vol. 177 Issue 12, p1455-1459. 5p.


(2) Pre-exercise administration of yohimbine may enhance the efficacy of exercise training as a fat loss strategy by boosting lipolysis. Mark F. McCartyMedical Hypotheses. Volume 58, Issue 6, June 2002, Pages 491-495.

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Q: when will they sell OxyElite with ephedra -Yvonne

A: Never.  Ephedra is pretty much gone from the marketplace.  The government has gone after supplements that contained banned ingredients like ephedra

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