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Finally Lose The Weight


Does Ultra Trim 350 Work?

Note: This is a review. Click here to view the Ultra Trim 350 website.


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Even though the world of dietary supplements can be confusing and overwhelming, there is one very simple rule of thumb that can rule out a lot of the less serious options. Whenever you see a supplement that promises weight loss without diet or exercise, be suspicious. It’s true you have to leave a little leeway for hyped up marketing, but generally speaking, seeing this claim is not a good sign. When you look at the Ultra Trim 350 website, you’re greeted with the claim, “Rapid Belly Melt! Without Diet or Exercise”



Uh oh, not a good start. But to be fair, we’ll take a good hard look at Ultra Trim 350 to see what benefits it has to offer.


Benefits of Ultra Trim 350



There are certain things you look for in a weight loss supplement, and Ultra Trim 350 hits most of them. By taking it, you’ll notice:


  • Your metabolism will increase.
  • Your lean muscle mass will rise.
  • Even your most stubborn fat will melt away.


You may notice that appetite suppression is missing from the list. This could be because since Ultra Trim 350 doesn’t require exercise or diet, there’s no need for appetite suppression. Just eat whatever you want, and lose weight. The Ultra Trim 350 formula will take care of everything.


Ultra Trim 350 Ingredients


The official Ultra Trim 350 website does not provide an ingredient list, and talks only about the primary ingredient in focus:


Pure Forskolin. Foskolin comes from the Indian Coleus plant, a member of the mint family. The important extract from the plant is called Coleus Forskohli, or Forskolin. What it does is activate the production of the molecule cAMP. This molecule initiates the signaling between cells. In other words, it helps cells talk to each other. For weight loss purposes, cAMP signals cells to increase the fat burning enzyme that they release. It also signals the release of increased Thyroid Hormone for a boosted metabolism.


There have been some clinical tests done on Forskolin’s ability to affect weight loss, but the results have so far been inconclusive. (1)  It was mildly successful in some areas of testing in some cases, and not successful at all in other studies.
Unfortunately, Ultra Trim 350 doesn’t provide the amount of Forskolin or any of the other ingredients in the formula. This makes it very difficult to validate any of its claims.


Ultra Trim 350 Reviews


Without much knowledge of the formula, we try to look for what customer feedback has to tell us. At first glance, it looks like there are lots of reviews to help us with that. But unfortunately, that’s not really the case. There are lots of Ultra Trim 350 review websites, but these are generally not real customer reviews. They’re set up to provide a funnel to the Ultra Trim 350 order page. At first glance, they look like reviews, but in reality, they’re just advertisements. They tell you about how Ultra Trim 350 can help you lose weight basically without trying. Then they sprinkle the page with “Rush My Order” buttons you can use to click through to the Ultra Trim 350 website and place your order.


Ultra Trim 350 Review 4


We found no cases of real customer feedback from unbiased users. Without this, it’s more difficult still to know if Ultra Trim 350 works.


Where to Buy Ultra Trim 350



Ultra Trim 350 is only available online through the official website. You won’t find it on Amazon or any other online retailers. You basically need to find a review website and click through. If you just want one bottle, the cost is $48. But if you buy in multiples, you’ll save on your per bottle price. For instance, if you buy 2 bottles, you’ll get one free, bringing the per bottle cost down to $33. If you buy 3 bottles, you’ll get 2 free, bringing your per bottle cost down to $29.60. It doesn’t look like there’s a money back guarantee.


Ultra Trim 350 Pros


  • It uses a potentially promising ingredient, Forskolin.


Ultra Trim 350 Cons


  • There are no real customer reviews.
  • The ingredient list is not revealed.
  • It’s only available through the official Ultra Trim 350 website.
  • There’s no money back guarantee.


Our Ultra Trim 350 Conclusion


When you boil it all down, the only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you expend, daily, over time. There are supplements that can assist you by for example raising your metabolism so you’re expending more calories, or suppressing your appetite so you eat less. But there are no supplements that can make you lose weight, significantly or long term, without a contribution from you in terms of a change in your diet or exercise routine. Ultra Trim 350 simply goes too far by promising that it can.  We have even gotten hate mail from marketers trying to make a quick buck on Utra Trim 350.  Two words… Skip it!


Instant Knockout Review 1


Instant Knockout actually works… we like it, MMA fighters choose it, and wrestlers use it to cut weight.  To check out the Instant Knockout Review, including the ingredients, Click Here









(1) Body Composition and Hormonal Adaptations Associated with Forskolin Consumption in Overweight and Obese Men. Michael P. Godard, Brad A. Johnson and Scott R. RichmondObesity Research. Volume 13, Issue 8, pages 1335–1343, August 2005.

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