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Product Reviewed: Muscle Advance Xtreme NO

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Muscle Advance Xtreme NO - Thats Nitrous Oxide - YES


Muscle Advance Xtreme NO Review

xtreme NOIf you have P90x, I am sure you have seen the advertisements for their line of supplements. Beachbody pushes their own line of supplements.But they do not make a pre workout supplement.  In my college days, I worked at a very well known supplement store that has three letters. I think you can figure out the rest. What I did learn is that there are many reputable companies that sell just as effective products, without the hefty price tag. Worse, the heavily marketed product may not have as much of the effective ingredient as a smaller company.


While I am a huge fan of Crossfit as a lifestyle, it does not hurt talk about other products that will help you build lean muscle and provide more bang for the buck.

What Xtreme NO is:

  • Advanced Nitrous Oxide supplement
  • Muscle Pumping PreWorkout

What Xtreme NO is NOT:

  • Not a Steroid
  • Not a Creatine
  • Not a Stimulant

Nitrous Oxide (NO) supplements for Crossfit

For example, Nitrous Oxide (NO) supplement deliver more oxygen to the muscles. This is called vasodilation. Essentially, if you deliver more oxygen to the muscles, then you theoretically will have more energy and the openings in the cell walls will accept more nutrients, such a creatine. So while a bunch of Know-Nothings will tell you Nitrous Oxide products will get you big, thats a half truth. Yes, it will let in nutrients like protein, oxygen, amino acids and minerals. But, you can hit the NOS button (ala Fast and the Furious) and take it with or separately from you Protein drink, Creatine Supplement (huge) and L-argenine or amino acid supplements. Stay tuned for those articles.  You can also learn more about mens herbal fitness pertaining to NO production on this site.

TestoRipped Review 2

For your P90x supplement arsenal, I would try some NO products, which I have personally used. TRAC makes a pretty good NO supplement for P90x. The bonus with TRAC, it tastes pretty good, if you don’t mind that artificial flavor that mimics a real flavor.

Another good P90x and Crossfit supplement that I have also tried is Xtreme NO. There are a few reasons I like Muscle Advance Xtreme NO as a P90x supplement. The first is two fold, I live in a rural area and I am a police officer. Living in a rural area, I prefer to buy my supplements online because of the value and convenience. As a police officer, I work long hours and the call volume does not allow me to go shopping like a housewife. And I HATE running out of supplements. Xtreme NO is a great P90x supplement to take before the Plyometric workout, chest/back, arms/shoulders and the other muscle building DVDs. You know the drill.

Another thing that I like about Muscle Advance’s Xtreme Nitrous Oxide supplements is that it comes in tablet form. Taking Xtreme NO pills means one less artificially flavored drink to take. Since I try and work out in the morning, I just pop them in the morning with my multivitamin, ginko, and whatever other pre workout supplement I may be reviewing at the time.

 Check out this Xtreme NO I have used as a P90x Pre Workout Supplement

So I would say a good choice for a P90x Nitrous Oxide supplement would Muscle Development’s Xtreme NO.

If you want to try something better, got for NitroCuts which is newer and more advanced. Check out the review here

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