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Pre-Workout Power Just designed with her in mind


Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts – What Is It?

Black Market Labs AdrenHerLyn Cuts ReviewWhile pre workout supplements don’t usually specify a gender, it is generally thought that most are designed with men in mind. Women can usually use the without issue, but ultimately there are formulated with men in mind. This is not the case for Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts, which calls itself the first pre workout supplement designed just for women. (I’m not sure this is true, but that’s what they claim). With Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts, a woman gets all the benefits she requires in a pre workout supplement, with no testosterone boosting ingredients or others meant to be taken mainly by men.

When a women takes Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts, she can expect to have explosive energy in the gym for her most demanding workouts as well as effective fat burning and a reduction in water retention. All the things a woman wants when she’s striving to reach her next personal best. And it’s all in one supplement, not a separate pre workout and fat burner.

These are the claims Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts makes. Now it’s our job to break it down and see if the product has the goods to back up the claims.

Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in the Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts formula are the same as you’ll find in pre workouts for men, but some are more specifically geared toward women. Here’s the list:

  • Beta Alanine which helps you last longer without getting that dreaded muscle fatigue. Muscles get tired and weary in large part because of lactic acid buildup. Beta Alanine reduces the build up so you can go longer without getting that feeling in your muscles like you just can’t go on any longer.
  • L-Carnitine which has long been known to burn fat.
  • Agmatine Sulfate which increases nitric oxide for better pumps. Nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels so blood flows more freely. The increased blood flow can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles when you need them so you work your muscles harder and longer.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous which provides energy and focus so when you get to the gym you’re raring to go. It also stimulates your metabolism and burns fat.
  • Choline Bitartrate which improves muscular endurance by increasing your ability to contract your fast twitch muscles over a longer period of time. The longer you’re able to work your muscles hard, the better results you’ll get.
  • Raspberry Ketones which helps your body use fat stores for energy instead of going after the muscle you want to keep.
  • Advantra Z which increases your metabolism and keeps your energy up for longer periods of time. The longer you’re in the gym, the more productive your workouts will be (to a point of course).
  • Mucuna L-Dopa which helps increase focus so when you’re at the gym, you’re doing what you came there for.
  • Evodiamine which heats up your core temperature, providing more intensity and burning more calories.

So there’s plenty of fat burning and pre workout ingredients with none of the extras for boosting testosterone or overall maleness. It’s all about muscle energy, total body energy, and fat burning.

Black Market Labs AdrenHerLyn Cuts Review 4How To Use Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts

Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts is concentrated so it comes in a small tub with a small scoop. Just mix one of those small scoops with 8-10 ounces of water about 15-20 minutes before working out. It comes in 3 regular flavors – Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, and Tiger’s Blood – as well as sometimes an added flavor of the month.

Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts Reviews

Most of the reviews I’ve seen are pretty positive:

“This stuff is awesome. I had been looking for a pre-workout supplement that doesn’t give me jitters and this one is perfect… very smooth. After every set I feel like I can do more.”

“I like to try new pre workouts but I always make sure I have Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts in my cabinet. It’s hands down my favorite. Good energy without the crash”

But this less than glowing review is worth reading too:

“Honestly, this is a decent product. But, compared to the AdreNOlyn Cuts by this same brand, this one is the weaker of the two. I feel like it may not be as strong because it is made specifically for women.”

Benefits of Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts

  • It’s one of the rare pre workouts made especially for women.
  • It covers fat burning and pre workout energy.
  • It gets pretty good reviews.

Drawbacks of Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts

  • Black Market Labs has a reputation for exaggerating.
  • Some say it’s just a weaker version of their other formulas.

Black Market Labs AdrenHerLyn Cuts Review 5

Where to Buy Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts

You can find Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts available for sale at the Black Market Labs website. The 30 serving tub goes for $59.99.

Our Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts Conclusion

It’s kind of a nice idea for women to have a pre workout supplement made specifically for them. But the fact is it really isn’t necessary. Women need the same ingredients as men do, and if she’s smaller than most men, she can use a little less and save herself a little money. In the end, there’s no real reason to go out of your way for Black Market Labs AdrenHERlyn Cuts.

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Q: I first used this a year or so ago and really liked it except for the fact that if you don't use it up fast enough, it clumps together. I tried to find it again and could only find what I assume was the rebranded AdrenOlyn for HER. Hard to find, but worth it and in a delicious flavor(Snozzberry). It didn't clump as bad. I am now out and looking for it again, and this time...it's rebranded as ...Fierce Tone. It doesn't seem to have quite the same ingredients but hopefully it will work as well. Why is it so hard to find, and why does it change so frequently? I have been thru numerous brands of pre-workout and they either have Creatine, cause crashes afterwards, or even some have caused fever blisters. My fallback is NOXplode, but I'd really like to have a stable product in the BlackMarket option. -Andrea


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