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Progenex Build Review 1Progenex Build – What Is It?

Note: This is a review of Progenex Build. To order, visit the Progenix Website Here

As you know, the CrossFit community is an intense group of people. Our goal is to push ourselves farther than we’ve ever gone, sometimes just for the sake of the pushing. Let’s see how far we can take this. That’s the mentality. And when you have a mentality that focuses and committed, you seek out a supplementation program that matches your intensity and supports every aspect of your efforts. The Progenex line of supplements has become that program for a large number in the community. They offer a bunch of different products, and truthfully, some are better than others. So we’re taking a look at each of them individually to figure out what they actually offer in terms of benefits.

Progenex Build is basically a carbohydrate powder. You can use it pre, intra, and post workout to maintain energy levels and smooth recovery throughout your daily process. If your energy levels are optimal, your workout will be too. And energy requires more than just central nervous system stimulation. It needs fuel. Progenex Build claims to be that fuel and claims to deliver it in the best way possible so you’re approaching your workout armed with everything you’ve got.

Progenex Build Review 2Progenex Build Ingredients

Progenex Build uses two main energy sources – Honey and Sweet Potato Powder. The honey is basically a simple sugar that provides instant fuel for quick energy. The honey quickly becomes glucose and gets fed immediately to the muscles for fuel. The sweet potato powder is a long-chain complex carbohydrate. This provides the fuel necessary for sustained energy throughout both your workout and your recovery.

How Progenex Build Works

So it’s carbohydrates? Why not just eat some rice and veggies? Well, that’s a good question actually. And there are a couple of good answers. First of all, Progenex Build makes it simple. You just add 2 scoops to you pre workout, your post workout, and/or your intra workout drink. (or use it solo). It couldn’t be more simple. And you get to hydrate while you fuel up. Second of all, Progenex Build uses a special delivery system to ensure that the carbs and fuel get to your muscles where they’re needed quickly and efficiently.

The delivery system is called EngineX. For the quick delivery you need right away, it combines Fenugreek with Dairy Peptones so glucose feeds your muscles almost instantly. For the sustained delivery, it uses a peptide they call “Shuttle” to optimize the use of blood glucose for energy and muscle glycogen. The result is a longer lasting energy curve that takes you clear through your entire workout.

The nutritional profile looks like this:

  • 130 Calories
  • 5g Protein
  • 26g Total Carbs
  • 13g Sugars
  • 2g Dietary Fibers
  • 35mg Sodium
  • 150% RDA Vitamin A
  • 15% RDA Vitamin C
  • 6% RDA Calcium
  • 4% RDA Iron

Progenex Build Reviews

Progenex Build Review 4

Truthfully, there’s not as much buzz around Progenex Build as there is around some of their other products. But what I do hear is usually positive.

Progenex Build Pros

  • It’s quick and easy carbs when you need them.
  • The delivery mechanism ensures that you’re getting the fuel you need when you need it.
  • Tailored instructions for competitions.

Progenex Build Cons

  • It’s expensive.
  • The pouch packaging can be difficult to close.
  • Thats alot of money for Sweet Potato powder and Honey
  • Its not necessarily dairy free

Progenex Build Review 3Where to Buy Progenex Build

You can order Progenex Build online at the Progenex website. A pouch contains 30 servings and costs $64.95. You also may be able to pick some up at your local gym or crossfit box.

Our Progenex Build Conclusion

Progenex Build is a perfectly fine carb source, but it hasn’t really caught on as a strong member of the Progenex product line. I suspect there are a couple of reasons for this. There are only so many supplements people are willing to take. And carb loading is traditionally something you do with food. So while there’s certainly a market for carb powder, it’s just not as big a market as the one for other bodybuilding supplements, like protein.

With that said, if you’re in a bulking cycle and your looking for additional sources of calories and carbohydrates, Progenex Build can offer that. I just see it as more of an occasional additive rather than something you’d use every day. While Progenex Build qualifies as a preworkout, we would suggest something more tried and trued like NitroCut. NitroCut has staying powder that does not rely on carbs.

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  • I am a Ultra Trail runner. You think this will work for me?

    • Progenex is marketed towards crossfitters, but protein is protein. You definitely need a great endurance and preworkout like 4 Gauge

  • Does Build will help me to build lean muscles an

    • Yes it can help, but you have to put the work in too.

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