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Note: This is a review.  To order, visit the Vibro Shape website.



Vibro Shape Review 1I’m pretty sure gadgets like these have been around since the 1950’s. Can’t you just picture the ad with the harried housewife in a poofed out skirt standing with her hands on a set of handlebars while a whirring belt vibrates around her hips and rear-end? The caption would read something like “You work hard! Let the Trimming Belt get you slim and shapely enough to keep his attention!” Remember, we’re talking about the 1950’s. The ads are different today. Hot slicked up bodies with wearing streamlined belts, but the concept is the same: Vibro Shape does the work so you don’t have to.


What is Vibro Shape?


Vibro Shape Review 5Vibro Shape is a vibrating belt you wear whenever or wherever you want to help you lose weight and tone up your belly without you having to lift more than a finger. They claim the vibration it provides improves circulation and contracts your muscles, making you more tone, and stimulates fat loss to reveal those newly toned muscle. But the question of the hour is of course, is this for real?


How Does Vibro Shape Work?


Vibro Shape is a belt. You put it around your waist, plug it in, and let it do the rest. The vibrations are said to slim and tone your body beneath the belt in a few different ways:


  • The vibration serves to break up the fat so it can be removed from the body by way of the lymphatic system.
  • The stimulation improves digestion.
  • Circulation is improved, which is beneficial for all bodily systems. Your muscle, skin, and tissue all get access to increased oxygen and nutrients.
  • It contracts your muscles, which is what occurs during exercise. So without actually exercising, you’re getting the benefit of toned muscles.


Vibro Shape Review 4
The belt can be adjusted so you can use Vibro Shape on your calves, shoulders, thighs and waist, and it expands up to 55 inches. There are several control modes for power, and level of vibration, and you can control those modes with the remote that comes with it.


Scientific Evidence for Vibro Shape


You might think that since this kind of product has been around for decades, there might be some scientific proof that it works. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. There have been a few studies, and none have demonstrated any evidence that this concept works. It may help relieve stress, like a massage, and it may temporarily improve circulation (like a massage does), but it doesn’t help you lose weight or tone muscle any more than, well, a massage does.


Even the makers of Vibro Shape seem to understand that their product doesn’t help you lose weight, and their marketing reflects this knowledge. They no longer even talk about it in terms of weight loss. They tout the benefits of daily massage like you’ll get with Vibro Shape like clear smooth skin with no cellulite. This is arguably not true either. It’s possible that improved circulation can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it’s not proven.


Vibro Shape Reviews


Vibro Shape Review 2Since it’s available on Amazon, there are Vibro Shape reviews from customers who’ve used it. Most of them are not favorable. The biggest complaint, actually, is that the electrical cord is too short to allow for any real movement. So as long as you’re using it, you need to be near an outlet. It’s also pretty commonly stated that the materials are low quality as well.


Some reviewers talk about stress relief and the massage aspects of Vibro Shape, but just about nobody mentions its effectiveness as a way to lose weight.


Vibro Shape Pros


  • It may feel good as a massager.
  • It’s not very expensive to try.
  • It’s widely available.


Vibro Shape Cons


  • It won’t help you lose weight.
  • It won’t help you tone your muscle.
  • It’s cheaply made.
  • The cord is too short.


Where to Buy


Vibro Shape Review 3


Vibro Shape is pretty easily available both online and in stores. You can find it at Walmart, Amazon.com, and a lot of places in between. We’ve seen it selling for as little as $36 and as much as $65, so shop around for your best price.


Our Vibro Shape Conclusion


As a weight loss product, Vibro Shape is a bust. It simply cannot do what it claims. It won’t tone your muscles and it won’t boost your metabolism, and it won’t break up your fat. It’s probably better as a massager, but then you’ve got to deal with the shoddy materials and short electrical chord. In the end, we really don’t see any reason at all to purchase Vibro Shape.



Bodybuilding Success Blueprint: Body Vibration Therapy By: Jerry Brainium. Great Vibrations Fitmess, Therapy, Sports Performance.  http://www.gr8vibrations.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/Great_Vibrations_-_Iron_Man_Magazine.25142917.pdf

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