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Product Reviewed: Velform Sauna Massage Belt

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Sweat Belly Fat Away


Does Velform Sauna Masaage Belt Work?


Note: This is just a review.  Visit the Velform Sauna Massage Belt website to order.



Velform Sauna Massage Belt Review 1I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question: “How can I get rid of this stubborn belly fat?” For most people, it’s the last place the fat comes off. You’ve been dieting and working out for months. The rest of your body is looking great. But the spare tire or muffin top remains. It’s no wonder products like The Velform Sauna Massage Belt, promising to take care of it for you, pop up and get traction in the marketplace. People are willing to try anything with the slightest chance of accomplishing what they feel like they can’t do on their own.


Benefits of Velform Sauna Massage Belt


You may have seen the ads on TV. (Yes, it’s an infomercial product). “Let Velform Sauna Massage Belt do all the work for you.” Simply wrap the belt around your waist and watch your unwanted fat melt away. Heat combined with the massaging action breaks up cellulite and leaves your skin looking smooth and supple. By sweating, your body releases harmful toxins, further improving your weight loss results. You can also use the Velform Sauna Massage Belt to relieve pain in your shoulders, back, legs, and all throughout your body.


How Velform Sauna Massage Belt Works


Velform Sauna Massage Belt Review 3The heat generated by the Velform Sauna Massage Belt causes you to sweat, which according to the manufacturer is the best way to lose unwanted weight. The heat also penetrates to break up fat, and that combined with the massage action can help reduce the appearance of cellulite cellulite.


You simply wrap the Velform Sauna Massage Belt around your waist, hips, buttocks, or anywhere you want to lose fat, turn on the heat and massage action, and relax for a 30-50 minute session. When you’re done, you’ll see the difference right away. The remote control allows you to select the levels of heat and massage that are most comfortable.


Does Velform Sauna Massage Belt Work?


Velform Sauna Massage Belt Review 5In a word, Hell No. More than anything else, it’s a late night TV gimmick meant to catch frustrated dieters at their most vulnerable moments. For one thing, it’s a simple fact that you cannot spot reduce when it comes to losing fat. You lose fat by taking in fewer calories than your body uses. That means cleaning up your diet and it means working out. Unfortunately for all of us, there’s no evidence that sitting comfortably while sweating will cause fat loss. You’ll lose a little water, but that will return as soon as you get yourself a cold beverage.


Velform Sauna Massage Belt Pros


  • You can use it as a massaging heating pad to relieve muscle discomfort.
  • You might be able to find it pretty cheap.


Velform Sauna Massage Belt Cons


  • There’s no evidence it can do what it says it does.
  • We found lots of Velform Sauna Massage Belt reviews from customers who pretty much say it’s a joke. Some say it doesn’t heat up enough to even feel it. Some say it heats up so much they get burned. Most say it just doesn’t work.
  • The electrical cord isn’t long enough to provide much mobility.
  • We couldn’t find evidence of a money back guarantee.


Where to Buy Velform Sauna Massage Belt


Velform Sauna Massage Belt Review 2If you decide to purchase Velform Sauna Massage Belt, it might not be easy to find a retailer. It used to be sold through an infomercial, but I’m not sure it’s still on the air. An online search finds a lot of former retailers claiming to be out-of-stock. I did find a couple places still offering it for sale. There’s one seller on Amazon listing it at $22.99 even though the original price was $79.99. It seems to be more commonly available overseas.


Our Velform Sauna Massage Belt Conclusion


On the one hand, it seems hard to believe that people will fall for something like the Velform Sauna Massage Belt. But when you think about it, it actually makes some sense. Weight loss wouldn’t be such a huge industry if it were easy. It’s hard. And millions of people spend billions of dollars trying anything they can think of to succeed. In order to maintain at least a somewhat positive outlook, a person, after several failed attempts, becomes more and more willing to believe there’s something out there that can help. Velform Sauna Massage Belt knows that, and has made lots of money from capitalizing on that concept.


The sad truth is that if Velform Sauna Massage Belt worked, there would be some evidence. There would be clinical trials demonstrating the difference between the success of those who used it over the control group who didn’t There would be countless glowing testimonials from customers showing before and after pictures. As it is, there’s none of that. If Velform Sauna Massage Belt worked, you’d know it.

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