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Mike Chang's Signature Pre-Workout




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Afterburn Fuel ReviewMike Chang is the creator of Six Pack Shortcuts and Monster Mass, and he’s gained a serious following with YouTube videos where he talks about workouts plans and diets that can take anyone from skinny to built, weak to strong, without the mountains of effort most people think it takes. His basic philosophy is that if people can see a little bit of results each day, they’ll stay motivated and keep working toward success. He presents himself as someone who wasn’t genetically gifted, so he didn’t think he could every have a ripped body. But he found a way, realized it wasn’t that hard, and decided to share his secrets with the world. And once he got a following with his videos, he decided to add a line of supplements to his programs. Afterburn Fuel is the pre workout he recommends and sells, so we took a look.



Mikw Chang’s Afterburn Fuel is the result of a partnership between Mike Chang and Afterburn Nutrition. The two parties got together at the Afterburn Nutrition Research Center and put together what they believe is the most effective pre workout you’ve ever used. Drink it after 30 seconds of mixing, and your workout will be super intense, resulting in more muscle and less fat, bringing you that much closer to your goals.

Afterburn Fuel Ingredients

Afterburn Fuel Review 5Without a doubt, the most important thing to know about any pre workout supplement is what’s in it, so let’s dive right in. On his Six Pack Shortcuts website, Mike Chang talks about the 4 key ingredients he uses in his Afterburn Fuel formula. They are Beta Alanine, Creatine, Citrulline Malate, and L-Arginine AKG. When I saw that, right away I felt a little deflated. Pretty much the same old same old. But for those who don’t know, let’s talk a little about what they each do:


  • Creatine (1) increases the ATP in your muscles cells. This is the energy your muscles use to push weight. The idea is that the more creatine in your muscles, the more power they have to move more weight. When your muscles move more weight, you get stronger and your muscles get bigger. Afterburn Fuel has 750 mg of creatine per dose. This is not going to load you up. In fact, it’s even on the low side if you’re simply trying to maintain.
  • Beta Alanine (2) increases carnosine levels in your muscles. The effect this has is to inhibit the build up of lactic acid which will allow your muscles to do more work before reaching exhaustion. This increase in endurance can help get you results quickly.
  • Citrulline Malate can delay the onset of fatigue so your training can stay intense for longer stretches of time, again leading to better results.
  • L-Arginine AKG not only increases nitric oxide in your body for better pumps, but it also supports your liver’s role in flushing away the toxic by-products of working out. Again, this leads to less fatigue and greater endurance.


The Afterburn Fuel formula contains additional ingredients like:


  • Piracetam and CDP Choline to improve focus and concentration.
  • Methylxanthine which is basically caffeine but with a slower release for longer lasting energy.
  • Histidine AKG (3) for energy.
  • Vanadyl Sulfate for pumps.
  • L-Taurine for muscle recovery.


The recommended dose is one scoop mixed with water for 30 seconds and taken about 15 minutes before working out.

How Mike Chang’s Afterburn Fuel Works


Afterburn Fuel claims to work in 4 stages.

Stage 1: Almost as soon as you drink it, you’re more awake and alert, with better focus and concentration.

Stage 2: While you’re working out, you’re feeling stronger, with fuller muscles and less fatigue.

Stage 3: Your easy endurance will keep you motivated to go harder than you thought possible.

Stage 4: Your muscles will stay pumped long after you finish your workout.

afterburn fuel ingredients

Where to Buy Mike Chang’s Afterburn Fuel


Afterburn Fuel is part of Mike Chang’s whole fitness lifestyle package. You can buy it separately, but you’re encouraged to buy into the whole thing. Until recently, the only place you could buy Afterburn Fuel was through one of Mike Chang’s official websites. Basically here’s how it works: You buy a one month supply of Afterburn Fuel for $67 plus $14.97 shipping and handling. With that, you get a bunch of free stuff, like his Zero Willpower Eating System and other exclusive “members only” content.


When you place your order for the one month supply, you are also signed up for “Mike’s convenient monthly Afterburn Fuel program” where they send you a new bottle of the stuff every month and charge you $67 plus $14.97 shipping and handling. So basically, there is no way to buy Afterburn Fuel through the Mike Chang websites without signing up for these ongoing shipments. It’s like the free trial scams we’re always warning you about, only you’re not getting the free trial part.


Fortunately, there is another way. You can buy Afterburn Fuel outright – a one time purchase with no strings attached – through Amazon.com for $77.


Are There Any Side Effects When Taking Mike Chang’s Afterburn?


The most common side effect you might experience with Mike Chang’s Afterburn is a burning or tingling sensation shortly after taking it.  That is caused by the Beta Alanine.  Couple that with the caffeine rush of the Methylxanthine and you basically have a pumped caused by stimulants.  That is not everyone’s cup of tea.



Afterburn Fuel Review 2Afterburn Fuel Reviews

Because Afterburn Fuel is available on Amazon, there are some customer reviews. This is a good thing because it always helps to see what real guys have to say about a supplement. In the case of Afterburn Fuel, the feedback is 100% positive. What that usually tells me is that it’s probably fake. Lots of companies hire people to log into Amazon and write glowing reviews of their products. I don’t know this is the case with Afterburn Fuel, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


We looked for the return policy on Mike Chang’s website, Afterburnfuel.com, and we could not find one.  We did our best, but maybe it’s there, maybe it’s not.  In an age of transparency, it should not take more than a few clicks to find out how to return a product if you are not satisfied.  So when it comes to standing behind their product – FAIL.

Our Afterburn Fuel Conclusion

In the end, the Mike Chang stuff seems more salesy than anything else. His videos feel like an infomercial, and you get the feeling that everything he’s doing is to promote his brand. That doesn’t mean he has nothing to offer, it just means you need to consider this when you’re evaluating his products. As for Afterburn Fuel, it’s probably not a bad pre workout, but it’s much more expensive than it should be for what it is. As a matter of fact, you can get Cellucor C4 for about 1/2 the price. But if you’re still interested in trying it, I’d go with Amazon.com, so you’re not roped into to monthly payments.


NitroCut Stimulant Free Preworkout Supplement by Nitrocut

If you are looking for a Preworkout that does not rely on caffeine and beta alanine (and hopes and dreams), we suggest looking at Nitrocut.  It is a stimulant free preworkout that does not inundate your Youtube feed with ads, but actually works. To checkout out the Nitrocut difference, Click Here. 







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