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The Fat Burning Pre Workout


BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts – What Is It?

When you’re looking to get shredded and cut up, there are two kinds of supplements you need to be primarily looking at: fat burners and pre workouts. And sometimes, you can find both in one. That’s the case with BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts. BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts billed as a fat burner and pre workout combination, so the fat melts away while you work your muscles into their most ripped state.  Black Market labs prides itself on no distibutors, no corporate retail sales, and remaining “undergrounds”.  Usually that means no corporations were interested and barriers to entry were too great to get a distributor.  Nice try though.


BlackMarket Labs is the company behind it. They’re actually known for their 2-in-1 supplements. In our experience, 2-in-1 supplements barely accomplish both. The idea is that why should customers need to stack when they can use one product that covers both needs at the same time. If you’re cutting, you want both benefits, so BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts gives you both benefits. You get the pre workout energy you need to go harder and further in the gym, and you get the thermogenics to help melt the fat right off.


These are the claims made by BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts. But we’re here to break things down and see if what they say is actually true in the real world.


BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts ReviewBlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts Ingredients

The BlackMarket Labs website does list the ingredients, along with a brief explanation of how they each help you toward your cutting goals. Here’s what we found:

  • Beta Alanine helps you go longer in the gym by reducing muscle fatigue. When you work out, lactic acid builds up in you muscles, making them feel like they can’t do any more work. Beta Alanine reduces that lactic acid buildup and delays that fatigue.
  • Agmatine Sulfate is used to increase Nitric Oxide which makes you more vascular by opening up your blood vessels to allow a greater amount of blood to flow through, delivering more oxygen and nutrients.
  • L-Carnitine which can help burn fat.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous which is probably the most common ingredient in both pre workout and fat burning supplements. It increases physical energy, mental focus, athletic performance, and fat burning.
  • Choline Bitartrate which increases muscle endurance by boosting the muscle’s ability to contract over and over for longer periods of time.
  • Raspberry Ketones which have been shown to improve the way the body uses fat for energy, so you burn more calories without just raising your heartrate.
  • Advantra-Z is a proprietary ingredient that helps you maintain energy over a longer period of time without crashing. BlackMarket considers this ingredient to be their secret weapon.
  • Mucuna/L-Dopa which helps keep your mood up so you maintain your motivation throughout your workout and even beyond. The more you can increase your effort, the better your results will be.
  • Evodiamine which increases your core temperature so you’re always burning more calories and fat.
  • Chromium Picolinate which is also well known to be a great fat burner in and out of the gym. (1)

So whether or not BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts works, it’s clear that the ingredients were chosen so the product should act as both a fat burner and a pre workout.

How BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts Works

Since BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts is to be used as a pre workout, the recommended dose is 1 scoop mixed with cold water about 15-30 minutes before you begin your workout. You can shake it, stir it, or blend it. It comes in 4 flavors (Blue Razz, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Gin n Juice), and they designed it to taste great, so any way you choose to mix it up will do.

BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts Reviews

The customer feedback around BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts is mixed. In the end, most guys say it works, that they get the energy and pump they’re looking for. But almost everyone mentions how the company makes over-the-top claims and sounds a little shady and hard to trust. I’m not sure where all this is coming from, but it’s definitely worth noting.

There’s another issue worth noting, and that’s the fact that some guys say BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts is way too concentrated and intense. They say their hearts raced and they felt like they may have a heat attack. And this isn’t just one isolated case. I’ve seen it said a few times:

  • “I was left in a euphoric state or “high” for a couple of hours after my work out and not in a good way. There is another forum… where a few guys had experienced some of the same things. I can tell you that this product is highly concentrated, more so than most, one website that it is 6x stronger than thing else on the market and with that being said, exercise caution with this product. I don’t think I will be using it again.”
  • “…took half a scoop and had the same issue. Felt like I was about to have a heart attack using the Cuts.”

BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts BenefitsBlack Market Labs Adrenolyn cuts review

  • It’s basically like getting 2 supplements in 1 – a fat burner and a pre workout.
  • There are plenty of BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts reviews from guys saying the stuff works.

BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts Drawbacks

  • It looks like there can be some pretty scary side effects.
  • A lot of guys think the company comes off as shady and given to over-exaggerated marketing.
  • It’s pretty expensive.
  • Very Rarely do 2 in 1 supplements do BOTH, its one or the other.

Where to Buy BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts

The lid of the AdreNOLyn Cuts says “No Online Sales, No Corporate Sales, No Distributors.”  That said, You can find BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts for purchase through the BlackMarket website and Amazon.  Go figure.  A 30-serving tub costs $59.99, so that’s $2 per serving which is pretty steep.

Our BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts Conclusion

BlackMarket Labs AdreNOLyn Cuts has its good points. If you want to shred, a pre-workout/fat burner combined can be a great way to go. But there are some issues as well. It’s expensive. Some customers have suffered pretty severe side effects. And there’s a buzzing around this company that they’re just not as reputable as some of the other companies. In my opinion, these negative issues outweigh the positive ones, so I’d steer you toward something else. In a nutshell, there is simply not enough ingredients in Black Market Labs AdreNOLyn cuts to shred any noticeable amounts of fat.  And now you screwed up the rest of the supplements in your stack.  However, as a preworkout drink, it definitely pumped us up.  They try to make it sound like you care getting some exclusive backroom deal, and you are not.


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(1) Grant, Kristen E., et al. “Chromium and exercise training: effect on obese women.” Medicine and science in sports and exercise 29.8 (1997): 992-998.

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