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110% money back guarantee gets Phytoserms 347x 6 stars!


What is Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x?

Note: This is a review for Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347X. To visit the official Ruthless Supplements Website, Click Here. 
Phytoserms 347x


A few years ago I got my hands a product that I had never heard of, which is rare for me since HighIntensitySupplements.com reviews HUNDREDS of supplements.  Before Phytoserms 347X, there was Phytoserms 347, and it worked great.  There were no online reviews except on some forums.  Now maybe thousands of people are on the Phytoserms 347 bandwagon. I started getting emails from readers who got serious gains in muscle, sex drive and stamina.  That translates into up to a 347% increase in Testosterone (hence the the name Phyoserms 347)! 

Fast forward to a few months ago when I got this email:

Message Body:

So I received my phytoserms 347 order and and the label says proprietary blend 2455mg. This is different as advertised (500mg) do you know why? Have you heard how people are feeling on this? How many caps should i take at 190lbs? Icariin 50% and tongkat ali is added also. Thanks, Derek

So I went to the Ruthless Supplements Website and sure enough Ruthless Supplements messed with a good thing! I ordered the new Phytoserms 347X.  


How does Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347X Work?


Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347x contains the purest Bulbine natalensis compound and Fadogia Agrestis.  Bulbine Ruthless Supplements Testosterone Cyclone Review 4Natalensis and Fadogia Agrestris has been shown to safely raise testosterone while simultaneously lowering estrogen (see the studies below). Testosterone is an anabolic hormone in the human body that build muscle, increases focus, and improves libido.

Phytoserms-347 is powerful enough to increase testosterone production that you will see the following improvements.

  • Lose fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Get stronger
  • Improve performance (from the weight room to the bedroom)
  • Phytoserms-347 may even improve libido

Usually when you raise your testosterone levels, some of it gets converted to estrogen, and that estrogen can lead to SCARY unwanted side effects such as

  • Water retention
  • Fat accumulation, etc
  • Gynecomastia

THATS NOT THE CASE WITH PHYTOSERMS-347! WHY? Bulbine natalensis lowers estrogen while it raises testosterone. This means you won’t get the estrogenic side-effects that people can experience with illegal steroids or scam testosterone boosters.


Phytoserms 347 Vs Phytoserms 347XPhytoserms 347 vs Phytoserms 347x

The good news is the new Phytoserms 347X is about the same price as the old Phytoserms 347. 

Ingredients in the old Phytoserms 347:

600 mg of patented Prolensis made up of Bulbine Natalensis, (std min. 95% 3,4-Divanillytetra-hydrofuran), Stinging Nettle Extract (Urtica dioica) Fadogia agrestis.  Thats a mouthful but basically its 600 mg of testosterone building compounds.  Another 10mg of zinc aspartate completes Phytoserms-347.

Ingredients in the New Phytoserms 347x:

  • It still has 10 mg of Zinc, but in a more potent TRAACS Zinc Arginate Chelate standardised at 10%.                                   

A WHOPPING 2455 mg of:

  • Fadogia Agrestis (Aerial)
  • Bulbine Natalensis
  • White Button Mushroom Extract 10:1 (Agaricus Bisporous) (Fruit Body)
  • 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran 95%
  • Icariin 50%, (epemedium) -Horny Goat Weed
  • Magnesium (as Albion® Di-Magnesium Malate) (20% Mg)
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Methyl-EAA (N-Methyl-DL-aspartic acid)
  • Quercetin Anhydrous 98.5%
  • Black Pepper Powder

So lets break down the actual Phytoserms 347X ingredients one-by-one


Bulbine Natalensis (the herb that boosts Testosterone up to 347%) – Only a few supplements use this herb because its so expensive. Studies in rodents showed it raised test levels 347%.  Increased testosterone translates into highly anabolic characteristics. Bulbine Natalensis also lowers estrogen by up to 35% (1) – thus helping you stave off the eventual estrogen-related side effects of rising testosterone, such as gynecomastia (bitch tits), edema (water retention) and a reduction in free and serum testosterone. Additionally, Bulbine Natalensis also outperformed the leading erectile dysfunction medication in a head-to-head study (2).


Fadogia Agrestis (boosting Testosterone up to 200%) – Fadogia Agrestis has been used in Nigeria for centuries to Phytoserms 347 ingredientsincrease fertility, as an anti-inflammatory and to treat impotence and malaria. Ruthless Supplements was the first to import Fadogia Agrestis into the US has been included in Phytoserms-347X. This has led users to not only experience a huge boost in sex drive, but also, as proved by a University of Ilorin study, up to a 200% increase in testosterone.  For those of you that are looking to enhance the action in the bedroom, there was also an increase in Sialic acid, the ‘lubricant’ to facilitate the movement of sperm which in turn might enhance sex.  The conclusion of the study  was the extract of “Fadogia agrestis stem increased the blood testosterone concentrations and this may be the mechanism responsible for its aphrodisiac effects and various masculine behaviors”. (3)


Urtica extract 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran – 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran is a potent extract from the Urtica dioica plant. While many compounds increase testosterone, much of it is not used. 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran attaches to your sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). When your SHBG is attached or bound to 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran, it can’t bind to your free testosterone and thus cannot render your free testosterone inactive. (4)


Zinc – not just any zinc, but TRAACS Zinc Arginate Chelate.  We have all heard of the Zinc when paired with Magnesium has favourable effects on testosterone levels.  Well Albion Laboratories, a company that supplies the best supplement companies, took it one step further by developing TRAACS Zinc Arginate Chelate. This increases highly effective absorption and stability  This is definitely a premium ingredients you do not find in all supplements.  Two interesting studies that we found in our research relates to zinc and plasma insulin-like growth factor I (IGF1)  concentrations increased with zinc treatment (5) and a possible link between zinc deficiency and ADHD.  (6)


Magnesium – Like peas go with carrots, Magnesium pairs well with Zinc.  Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347 spares no expense by utilising Albion Laboratories Di- Magnesium Malate.


Icariin – Icariin is the main active ingredient in horny goat weed (Epimedii herba), which is extracted from plants in the Epimedium genus.   Specific phosphodiesterase V (PDE5) inhibitors have been demonstrated to be safe and effective first line of defence for erectile dysfunction (ED) management. Icariin works to increase sexual stimulation protein that breaks down GMP, much like Viagra would. It it also increases nitric oxide in the blood and clinical effect of a PDE5 inhibitor requires at least a minimal nitric oxide (NO) signal triggered by sexual stimulation. (7)


Quercetin Anhydrous – Quercetin Anhydrous has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and estrogen modulation properties. It is a plant-derived flavonoid found in fruits, grains, leaves and vegetables. 


White Button Mushroom Extract 10:1 (Agaricus bisporus)- Its not the testosterone boosting properties that kill most test boosters, its the estrogen.  A  California’s Beckman Research Institute supports the Aromatase Inhibitor properties of white button mushrooms and was even found to have cancer fighting properties. Aromatase is an enzyme that synthesizes estrogen, which means an AI blocks this enzyme and helps prevent estrogen-related side effects. (8)


Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia)- Often called the “Asian Viagra” Tongkat Ali is a tree that’s found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and the Tongkat Ali root has been shown to have both testosterone-boosting and libido-raising properties.  A study of 13 active males supplementing Tongkat Ali showed an increase in free testosterone, most likely due to the decline in sex hormone-binding globulin concentrations. (9)

What The Proper Dosage for Ruthless Supplements Phytoserm 347x

The Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x bottle says to take 3 pills daily. It does not say whether to take three Phytoserms 347x at once or throughout the day. Since there are no stimulants in Phytoserms 347x, we saw the best results when it was split up.  A good dosage would be one or 2 in the morning, mid-day, or an hour before working out. 

Where can You buy Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x?Phytoserms 347x review

You can not find Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x in any stores.  Its just too expensive and they sometimes run out of stock because the ingredients are pretty hard to come by.  So that means you can not buy Phytoserms 347x at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or bodybuilding.com.  The bright side is that Ruthless Supplements has a 110% money back iron clad gurarantee.  The Ruthless Supplements website is the most secure way of purchasing Phytoserms 347x so you do not get scammed.  Ruthless Supplements does ship Phytoserms 347x so you can get it shipped to Europe, Canada, … wherever. And since they use Amazon to fulfil their orders, its much more trustworthy than any 3rd party distributors. And Ruthless Supplements will throw in a free bottle of Phytoserms 347X when you buy four.  If  you want to visit the Ruthless Supplements Website, Click Here.

Does Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x Have Any Side Effects?

Aside from a lighter wallet, we could not find any side effects for Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x.  Its quite expensive, but they run out of stock all the time. So the demand is there.  Upon looking at the ingredients, we could not find any side effect either.  Unless you count wanting to have sex more a bad thing??  A good side effect might be the better muscle recovery, potentially cancer preventing properties and decreased oestrogen conversion.  Not bad for a testosterone booster. 

Ruthless Supplements Phytoserm 347x Benefits

  1. Its 100% legal

  2. Phytoserms 347x ships worldwide

  3. Its not a pro hormone or androstenedione

  4. Phytoserms 347x is backed by science

  5. Ruthless Supplements has a 110% money back guarantee

  6. Increased muscle and libido

Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x Negatives

  1. Phytoserms 347x is expensive
  2. Ruthless Supplements used to pair Phytoserms 347x with RS- Transaderm, which is no longer available
  3. Ruthless Supplements does not really spell out the suggested dosage for Phytoserms 347x

Our Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x Recommendation

You get what you pay for.  You can spend less money on a products filled with hopes and dreams or you can put you money Ruthless Supplements Testosterone Cyclone Review 6where you mouth is and try Phytoserms 347x. By the way if you are wondering how much Phytoserms 347x costs, they currently dropped the price from $227 to $147.  That is a huge price drop for a great product. And thats the best price we could find.  With a 110% money back guarantee when you purchase directly from their site, Ruthless Supplements already did. Alot of people compare Phytoserms 347x to HCgenerate, but HCgenerate has too many ingredients and not enough potency.  Ruthless Supplements has a good balance.  

If you can find the Ruthless Supplements RS-Transaderm grab it, but definitely take the Phytoserms 347x as a post cycle therapy (PCT).  There are a handful of supplements we covet on this site, and believe me we have reviewed hundreds of them.  We have yet to hear a complaint about Phytoserms 347x.  To visit Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms 347x official website, Click Here.




(1) Yakubu, Musa T., and Anthony J. Afolayan. “Anabolic and androgenic activities of Bulbine natalensis stem in male Wistar rats.” Pharmaceutical biology 48.5 (2010): 568-576.

(2) Yakubu, M. T., and A. J. Afolayan. “Effect of aqueous extract of Bulbine natalensis Baker stem on haematological and serum lipid profile of male Wistar rats.” Indian journal of experimental biology 47.4 (2009): 283.

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(9Henkel, Ralf R., et al. “Tongkat Ali as a potential herbal supplement for physically active male and female seniors—a pilot study.” Phytotherapy Research 28.4 (2014): 544-550

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Q: What is going on with ruthlesssupplements.Com It's not there anymore. -Antoine

A: Looks like they shut down for good.  I guess the next best thing is Test Stack No17 which you can check out here.

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  • I have a question: I am 35 and always go to the gym. I am skinny fat but goes to gym regularly. I am taking ZMA as a supplement aside from B-complex and fish oil. Should I stop taking ZMA when I take phytoserm 347x?

    • It is probably best to discontinue your zinc magnesium aspartate supplements since Phytoserms 347x has some in it. ZMA is water soluble meaning you should excrete what your body does not use but it is a mineral, so you should probably discontinue it.

  • I am impressed with this site! I am 59 and I just happened to be starting fat reducing exercise plan. I what you describe as “Skinny Fat”! Everything goes to the stomach! I got long arms (thin) and (Thin legs).

    I purchase TESTO-Fuel and I am taking that right now. People say you have to eat 1 gram of protein per body weight. The statement is a bit contradictive because if I want to lose weight and do eventually, my protein requirements will change to lesser quantity.

    I am 170 pounds at 5’6 inches, I would need 170 grams of protein. But if I lose weight down to 150 my protein requirements will change. 1.1 gram per pound of new body weight!

    It seems there is no right or wrong answer to knowing at a certain weight how much protein you do need to build muscle. Think about it! If I get down to 150 and I will and I done it before, and still take 170 grams of protein even training it will probably turn to fat because I am taking in more for a lesser amount of weight!

    I just noticed as with myself, everyone talks testosterone that builds you up but they don’t talk too much about the protein requirements while taking this stuff! I was always told if you take 1.1 gram of protein per body weight you will gain mass but what about the Testosterone?

    Could you help me out here, and show which way to go!


  • I am 58 still pretty cut but want a little more size does phytoserm347. raise blood pressure

    • Phytoerserms 347X shouldnt raise your blood pressure but try taking the minimum dose first

  • Is the PHYTOSERMS 347 X good for a young guys under 30’s, and/ or is there any specific age should you recommend this?

    • I am sure there are guys taking Phytoserm 347x that are under 30. It will definitely would likely improve lean gainz

  • I’m a light sleeper do you think 347x would affect sleep or improve sleep quality?

    • I do not think that 347x would affect sleep to much one way or another. It is a very good products. HyperGH 14x was awesome at helping provide more restful sleep, probably because helps stimulate HGH production. Both are great products and it seems like you could take both at the same time. Although it might get a little expensive, but both products have great guarantees.

  • 5 stars

    I ordered Nitrocut. Wondering which product if any to stack with. My goal is getting size and staying lean. I\’m 49; but is still in good shape but body seems to be getting soft. I don\’t prefer creatine so wondering if I should stack with Testofuel or Phytoserm 347x.

    • Nitrocut is a good preworkout supplement. If you are a moderate fitness addict (be honest lol) then I would suggest Testofuel. If you are looking for more seriouse gains.. then Phytoserms 347x or Test Stack no 17.

  • Hi, I enjoy your supplement review videos and I need your help. I’ve tried both Phytoserms 347 and test stack RX and they work magic. I need to restock on T booster and I was considering between the PHYTOSERMS 347 X or the TEST STACK RX, which one would you recommend? Is the new PHYTO X worth it?

    • Thats a great question. You can’t lose with either. I think the new Phytoserms 347x formula is slightly better. But with the Buy 1, Get 1 free, Test Stack No17 is a bargain.

    • What was your dosage?

      • The dosage I took for Phytoserms 347x was 3 pills in the morning. I usually work out in the morning or afternoon so that worked well for me.

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