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TestoFuel Review- My Personal Testimonial

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testofuel review new package 120 ct price

When a representative of TestoFuel reached out to me, he told me he liked my website and assured me that I would love his product TestoFuel. I told him that not only do I lift, Crossfit, and preach about the benefits of at home workouts, I am also a police officer and can spot BS from a mile away. He told me that he wouldn’t sweat it and was so sure that I would like TestoFuel, he said I could trash talk all I wanted if it sucked.  I must say, I am very impressed with TestoFuel, and that as a athlete that practices and many disciplines (Crossfit, bodybuilding,  TRX, Triathlon training, Cycling, Swimming .. pretty much everything), you could use TestoFuel and get the gains you want in performance.  Basically, you could say “TestoFuel made me a better _____”


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TestoFuel claims to:

  • Boost your testosterone levels safely and naturally
  • Naturally and safely increase your testosterone level, which is essential for real muscle growth, WITHOUT resorting to risky synthetic steroids.
  • Increase muscle size and strength without resorting to countless feeble supplements.
  • Can help to reduce bodyfat, including on your stomach.
  • Testosterone is known to improve mood, so it’s easier to stay motivated and on track towards your goals.
  • Revitalise you sex drive, which is a great side effect!

What is TestoFuel?

I really had to analyze the ingredients in TestoFuel. Was TestoFuel a HGH releaser? Was TestoFuel safe? When I looked at the packaging and website, it started to make more sense. They claim to use “compound nutrition” which appears to use synergistic natural ingredients to boost testosterone. I was somewhat surprised to see that ingredients that seemed pretty straight forward were able to deliver the gains they did. And you definitely see the difference after a few weeks in your Crossfit WOD.  Will you piss hot on a drug test if you are a cop or in the military after taking TestoFuel? The answer is NO, because you are boosting your testosterone levels naturally, so you will not pop positive on a drug test.


What TestoFuel is not:

  • steroid
  • stimulant
  • androstenodione
  • creatine product

 What is in the TestoFuel Testosterone Booster?

What makes TestoFuel work? The unique combinations of ingredients in TestoFuel are so straight forward, I am surprised nobody thought of it sooner.


Oyster Extract (100mg)– The extract contains 10X the amount of zinc found in steak and is crucial in raising testosterone. Also, the oyster extract found in TestoFuel contains 59 trace elements needed by the body, including vitamins, amino acids, taurine, omega 3 & 6 fish oils, along with zinc’s co-factors copper and manganese which promotes RNA transferase, which is an enzyme involved in all protein synthesis in the body.  As an additional benefit, studies have shown that the antioxidant enzyme activities of  oyster extract may have anti-inflammatory effects (1).  There are other qualities other than boosting testosterone that really merit Oyster Extract as a super-compound.


Ginseng (100mg) – I know what your thinking.. “Ginseng.. big deal”. But Ginseng also raises the levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and adrenaline in the body, as low levels of these 2 hormones are believed in turn to cause low testosterone levels. The herb Ginseng has also been shown to increases the body’s production of testosterone, when taken regularly. It increases the sex hormones known to stimulate cell growth and boost testosterone levels.  There have been studies trying to link the effects of Ginseng to increases in IGF-1 growth hormones. A double-blind crossover study showed ginseng had increased Mean International Index of Erectile Function scores in 45 patients. (2)


Fenugreek (100 mg)  – Fenugreek seeds contain bioactive compounds called saponins, including one called diosgenin, which research suggests may be involved in the production of a number of sex hormones, including testosterone. Pretty much every successful test-booster has it. And the seeds typically are more concentrated.  Also, Fenugreek may act as an aromatase inhibitor.  This helps prevents the negative side effects of increased testosterone.  Thus, a PCT is not necessary with TestoFuel (which saves you money). Crappy products may yield it from the leaves, which is less potent.


Vitamin D (5000 IU)Vitamin D can support hormone production as there are receptors for this vitamin in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which produce hormones involved in metabolic and sexual health. In a European study, 54 subjects that supplemented Vitamin D saw an increase in testosterone, with the best results being seen in overweight men. (3)


D-aspartic acid (2300 mg)–  D-Aspartic Acid is a endogenous amino acid that is found in mammals that elicits the release of Growth Hormone (GH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and testosterone. D-aspartic acid may enhance luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone by 46% and 45.5% respectively, in only 13 days. An almost 50% increase in testosterone in less than 2 weeks is very impressive. Also, animal studies have shown that D-Aspartic acid can boost the levels of human growth hormone using the same pathways that HGH is produced in humans. Another powerful addition to the TestoFuel formula. (3)


Magnesium (200 mg)According to an article published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, it’s been found that men with more magnesium in their blood seem to have higher amounts of free testosterone.  Its almost a must when stacking it with the rest of the ingredients.


Vitamin B6 (5 mg)It helps testosterone levels by stimulating androgen (a steroid hormone that acts as a precursor for testosterone ) receptors in your body, making your testes to produce testosterone. In TestoFuel it represented as Pyrodoxine HCl. While 5 mg does not sound like alot, subjects in a Western Washington University study exploring Vitamin B6 taken with Zinc and Magnesium did not take much more than that and they saw an increase in free testosterone and IGF-1. (5)


Vitamin K2 (18 mcg)- I actually had to research this one… Vitamin K2 is necessary for protein synthesis and bone density. Did you know women need about 8-9 times more Vitamin K2 than men. And by the way, if you are on antibiotics.. they are getting zapped in your gut. TestoFuel did decrease the amount of Vitamin K2 from the old version to the new version slightly.


TestoFuel is a Testosterone Booster backed by Doctors and Science

One of the things I always look for is some objective data that supports a product’s claims. TestoFuel is supported by some objective data. For example, TestoFuel’s Fenugreek is supported by a University of Queensland double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, that daily supplements containing an extract from fenugreek appeared to enhance male libido and normalize testosterone levels


Also Doctor Raj Persad, a neurologist says this about TestoFuel -“It probably works to increase testosterone or androgen levels, which decrease with age. If it’s proven to be safe, this is good news. Men with good sexual health live longer than those who without.”

Does TestoFuel Have Any Side Effects?

No side effects were observed with TestoFuel. If there is one problem with TestoFuel, it is taking three or four pills per serving. That was my least favorite part this TestoFuel review.

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How Much Does TestoFuel Cost?

TestoFuel impressed me in a very short amount of time. I noticed results in two weeks. One box runs about $69. You have to at least get the 3 boxes of TestoFuel for $219.(You get a 4th Free TestoFuel and save $80). Problem is when you get 1 box of a product and it works, you are pissed because you didn’t buy more.  Luckily, TestoFuel has a 60 day guarantee, so you have PLENTY of time to see results before you have to return the TestoFuel.  A 90 Day guarantee is pretty good in this industry, I wish I could give the “Return Policy” below 6 stars. TestoFuel ships worldwide too. I have had people email me from Australia, CanNew TestoFuel Reviewada and Europe who purchased TestoFuel, so customs is not a problem.

Can You Stack TestoFuel With Other Supplements For Better Results?

Good thing you are still reading.  TestoFuel is so powerful, I would not stack it with any other testosterone raising supplements, like a steroid or HGH releaser.  I would also watch out which male enhancement supplements you take also.

For male enhancement, you could take TestoFuel with VigRx Plus… a highly rated male enhancement product. You can check out that review by CLICKING HERE.

For shredding some fat, you could take TestoFuel with Instant Knockout, a fairly new product that has gotten great reviews.  You can check out that review by CLICKING HERE

Does TestoFuel Work for Real?

old vs new testofuel

Old TestoFuel Vs. New TestoFuel Package


So what can you expect for TestoFuel? When I took TestoFuel it took a few days to kick in, but I felt a natural strength.  I’ll be honest, I did buy one box and had to reorder.  The best deal is the TestoFuel Four Box Bundle, because taking four pills a day means the box lasts a month… right when you start feeling the benefits. They also throw in a free TestoFuel T-shirt and two ebooks. I felt stronger and more vitality.  But luckily, I did not feel woozy or on a caffeine high with TestoFuel. I feel like TestoFuel is one of the best products out there, but luckily with a 90 day money back guarantee, you do not have to take my word for it.

Finally, make sure you get TestoFuel right from the source.  TestoFuel changed their packaging, so there might be some old stuff floating out there.  Click the link below to get it right from the source!




(1) Prev Nutr Food Sci. 2013 Mar; 18(1): 23–29. doi:  10.3746/pnf.2013.18.1.023 PMCID: PMC3867150 Anti-inflammatory Effect of Oyster Shell Extract in LPS-stimulated Raw 264.7 Cells Se-Young Lee,Hak-Ju Kim, and Ji-Sook Han

(2) A Double-Blind Crossover Study Evaluating the Efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng in Patients With Erectile Dysfunction: A Preliminary Report. B. Hong H. Young, et al. From the Department of Urology, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center and Korea Ginseng and Tobacco Research Institute, Seoul, Korea

(3) Pilz, S., et al. “Effect of vitamin D supplementation on testosterone levels in men.” Hormone and Metabolic Research 43.3 (2011): 223.

(4) Topo, Enza, et al. “The role and molecular mechanism of D-aspartic acid in the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone in humans and rats.” Reprod Biol Endocrinol 7.120 (2009): 1482-1488.

(5) Effects of a Novel Zinc-Magnesium Formulation on Hormones and Strength L.R. BRILLA1 AND VICTOR CONTE2 1 Exercise and Sports Science Laboratory, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225-9067

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Q: Our main concern that we found out when completing this TestoFuel review is that it isn t accessible to vegetarians, or those with shellfish allergies. -mike


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  • Can I stack (test stack no 17) with (tesfuel) along with a test multivitamin from GAT?

    • I think if you take Test Stack No 17 with TestoFuel, it will not be necessary to take the multivitamin from GAT. So basically 2 our of 3 could be taken, but taking all 3 might be overkill or maybe it will work depending on your diet.

  • Hi, this talks a lot about men. As a woman who finds it very hard to build muscle, would Testofuel also suit women? If not, is there a supplement you would recommend for women?

    • Hi Jane,
      Women do not normally take TestoFuel, but I am sure some do. There are tons of womens supplements such as NitroCut Andrenherlyn and BodyHacker.

  • Admin- hey genius you forgot to change your user log in.you’re asking your own questions pretending to be a regular joe Under admin. And answering under admin. I’ll be sure to expose you as another phony wasting people’s time and money. Wanna get big eat healthy work out take creative,bcaa and protein all you need

    • Angel,

      I get alot of emails. Once in awhile I take the emails and copy and paste them into the comments section because they might answer a question someone else has. Thats why they all have the same date too. I am not a computer programmer so if you have a better way to convert emails to comments, I would love to hear it. There are plenty of scam products… I agree with you. Some are scams when it comes to ingredients, some have deceptive billing practices. I have used TestoFuel and I like it. They also have a decent return policy, which many supplements do not. I do agree with you… you do have to lift right, eat healthy, and protein. BCAAs are good, but I think it would be wrong to say its going to get someone jacked. And creatine while effective, is not right for all people. And if this site was phony, I would have just deleted your comment. Buy it, dont buy it… doesnt matter to us

  • Hi Ian, in 41,and I’m going to start a 90 day workout program. I have no energy,belly fat, like 30 lb overweight, No libido, and I’m trying to buy a boost testosterone and something to help me to get muscle and take the fat out. And I can’t sleep well. I really need help, what can you recommend me???

    • Which 90 day? Beachbody P90x… thats a great program to start out with. TestoFuel would be a great supplement to take to boost your testosterone and libido. And from the better workouts, the belly fat will diminish. As for the sleep, taking TestoFuel along with HyperGH 14x will help get your sleep patterns back to normal. For me, it did not make me tired, but it made me ready for sleep when it was time for bed.

  • I’m looking for strength, mass and defination.

  • One hundred micrograms of fenugreek? Micrograms? A efficacious dose of fenugreek for the purpose of testosterone enchancement is going to be several hundred milligrams, and it should be standardized for fenusides. In fact, the study that you cite from the Univeristy of Queensland used 600 milligrams per day of Testofen, a standardized extract. This is a horrible product with a horrendous price tag.

    • Its actually 100 mg. milligrams. As for the study, if you say that study has 600 mg of Fenugreek, and you add that to the 2300 mg of D-Aspartic Acid, along with everything else… you would have to take way more pills because you are at 3 GRAMS already… it would be horse pills. Fenufreek is part of the formula, not the only ingredients. I used it, I liked it. Its not a cheap product, but by no means is it overpriced. Primal Muscle Andryboxyl, Biorythm Androbolix… not those are overpriced products.

  • hi,

    I want to take testosterone suppliment. can u suuggest as i am taking first time . i have been taking whey protien but i have high fat ratio in my body and loose muscle at chest and biceps. Should i start with Prime male or testofuel and how sould i take , means 1 month on and 1 month off or 1 month on and 15 days off.

    • Both Prime Male and Testofuel are great products. I would suggest taking Testofuel if you are under 40, and Prime Male if you are over 40. The formulas are similiar, but geared a little bit towards different goals. Testofuel is more geared towards men who are taking it for fitness. Prime Male more towards men who are getting older. You could take for 2 months if you would like and a month off, but if you feel more comfortable with 1 month on 1 month off, that is fine too. Also, if you want to cut the fat faster, Both stack well with Instant KnockOut.

  • I ordered Nitrocut. Wondering which product if any to stack with. My goal is getting size and staying lean. I\’m 49; but is still in good shape but body seems to be getting soft. I don\’t prefer creatine so wondering if I should stack with Testofuel or Phytoserm 347x.

    • Nitrocut is a good preworkout supplement. If you are a moderate fitness addict (be honest lol) then I would suggest Testofuel. If you are looking for more seriouse gains.. then Phytoserms 347x or Test Stack no 17

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