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Does Test Stack No. 17 Work?

test stack 17 review


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I get tipped off on great products like I get tipped of about dealers when I am doing undercover work.  So when I got a tip about an awesome product from a bodybuilder I highly regard, I definitely took notice.  He claimed that a Test Stack No. 17 was the bomb, whether you use steroids or not.  I said, “Listen, if Test Stack No.17 isn’t legal, I want to have nothing to do with it.” Well this stuff is Legal, barely legal like freshmen chicks at a frat party. Test Stack No.17 is unlike anything else on the market.  Test Stack No. 17 contains a cocktail of very expensive ingredients designed to increase the natural production of testosterone within your body.   It doesn’t replace your testosterone, it allows your own hormonal system to create more of its own testosterone.  Test Stack No. 17 promises greater strength, more muscle, less fat, increased libido and improved erectile function.


 What is Test Stack No. 17?

Test StaTest Stack No. 17 reviewck No. 17 is the most comprehensive testosterone product on the market with its very exclusive ingredient profile. Dr. Field Farrar, the formulator came up with 20 different testosterone enhancement formulas and determined that formula number 17 produced the biggest increases in testosterone production… Hence the name “Test Stack No. 17”.  Test Stack No. 17 can only be made in small quantities due to the rare and highly expensive compounds used in the formulation. And as a result, demand exceeds supply and each batch sells out almost immediately.


Test Stack No. 17 claims to:

  • Increase Testosterone
  • Decrease Estrogen
  • Increase Libido (duh, from increased testosterone)
  • Support muscle recovery


What are the ingredients in Test Stack No. 17

Here are the 12 ingredients in Test Stack No.17:  


1- Cnidium Monnieri Cnidium is known as a testosterone accelerator and promotes healthy penile health agent. Like  erectile dysfunction drugs do, it increase your nitric oxide production and it’s your nitric oxide which allows for the blood flow delivery to the penis resulting in bigger and healthy erections.  Now, this does not mean you will be walking around the gym with a boner.  Your mind knows the difference, but your penis is an organ, and nitric oxide will affect the vascularity of ALL muscles. The effect Cnidium Monnieri are immediate. That makes Test Stack No. 17 a great pre-workout supplement in the gym, and in the sack. (1)


2- Ligusticum Originating in Asia as a testosterone accelerator, an aphrodisiac and erectile dysfunction medicine, Ligusticum recently showed it increased blood flow to the extremities according to scientific studies. This is similar to what yohimbe does but without the excess nervous system stimulation that yohimbe can cause.  Perhaps you have notice that Yohimbe can cause headaches. It happens in some people who take Yohimbe supplements. Not with Test Stack No. 17.  You get all the benefits without any of the downsides. Western science has proven what the Chinese herbologists have known for so long. According to several studies Ligusticum suppresses production of “TNF alpha” — an enzyme that secretes “stress hormones” such as cortisol and adrenaline. If you know anything about bodybuilding, you know that Cortisol is a muscle killer and the arch enemy.  Ligusticum in Test Stack No. 17 will help you achieve maximum recovery to rebuild muscle.


3- Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 35% Piperazine Test Stack No. 17 also contains.  Two things to note here… the concentration is 35%.  With knock off products without the concentration, who know how much active ingredients you are actually getting.  Test Stack No. 17 fully discloses the concentration. Xanthoparmelia is now being used in the prevention of certain cancers and it also has the unusual ability to increase testosterone and nitric oxide. You know that that means? Bigger pumps and plateau breaking strength in your workouts.(2)


4- Shilajit Shilajit which is found in Test Stack No. 17 gained notoriety when Soviet Union Olympic athletes supposedly took it with anabolic steroids.  Shilajit is found near fossilized plants and volcanic rock that enhances the absorption of micronutrients.  Ayurvedic animals that were eating this natural compound grew bigger and lived longer than other animals living in lower elevations.  Cheap to get? Probably not. But Test Stack No. 17 has it. (3)


5-  3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran This is the concentrated active ingredient of Urtica Dioica known to increase “Free” testosterone. Your testosterone that is “Free” is the only kind that is usable for muscle growth. “Free Testosterone” is the only test that builds muscle. So as you could imagine, that makes you wonder about other Test Boosters.  Divanillyltetrahydrofuran is the active ingredient in the Urtica Dioca plant. Remember when I talked about concentrations? Well Test Stacks No. 17’s concentration of this compound is 10 times more concentrated than the raw plant. (4)


6-  Paeonia Lactiflora Paeonia is now recommended by many doctors when liver enzymes are too high. This is the scrubber on you smoke stack.  Livers of body builders can be, well, polluted.  The Paeonia Lactiflora in Test Stack No. 17 promotes liver health, healthy erections, and well being. (5)


7- Fadogia Agrestis Have you heard of LH? That leutinizing hormone for ya’ll.  And it decreases for various reasons such as age, environment, and how many bad steroids you have taken.  The Fadogia in Test Stack No. 17 lets  you promote YOUR OWN TESTOSTERONE way above normal. (6)


8- Desmodium Gangeticum 10:1 ratio Test Stack No. 17 also contains the Ayurvedic compound, Desmodium Gangeticum that raises testosterone, reduces inflammation , aids in recovery, supports the nervous system and increases sex drive. Tissue destroying acids are suppressed which promotes muscle recovery. You wont find this in you corner GNC. Oh yeah, remember hearing about concentrations? Test Stack No. 17 offers this in a 10:1 ration.  (7)


9- Avenacosides A&B You may have heard of Avena Sativa, Well do not be confused. Avenacosides is not the same. Avena Sativa is the oat plant and using it will be about as beneficial as eating a bowl of oatmeal. Avenacosides are a limited produced component of the plant and have the amazing ability to reduce sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).  When SHBG is reduced, “free” testosterone increases. Remember we said that “free” testosterone is the one that builds muscle.  Test Stack No. 17 features the best concentration of Avenacosides.  (8)


10- Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli) This plant contains saponins that enhance immunity and enrich the hormonal system. They boost test levels and lower estrogen. It has also been shown to increase ejaculate volume and the mobility of sperm cells. Another study found that subjects had increased frequency of sex, ejaculation, and lower latency time (time between sex). (9)


11- ProLensis ™ Bulbine Natalensis This is a proven compound is the holy grail of testosterone boosting compounds. Not a lot of products have this.  Not all Bulbine Natalensis are created the same.  ProLensis is tradmarked. You will only find it in Test Stack No. 17 and Phytoserms 347.  This was discovered with controlled studies on animals where overall testosterone was increased up to 347%. It is important to boost your own testosterone, and nothing does this better than the Bulbine Natalensis in Test Stack No. 17.  (10) (11)


12- Catuaba P.E. 4:1 Extract Catuaba is a Costa Rican rain forest botanical used for a variety of health and strength inducing capabilities. There seems to be data supporting that which found that PLA2  (the phospholipase that is responsible for arachidonic acid which is cause for inflammation) activity was totally inhibited by catuaba at certain concentrations. (12)   By taking this compound in Test Stack No. 17, you will lift more, recover faster, get laid and not miss a beat.

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What People are Saying About Their Test Stack No. 17 Before and After Results

In all honest, the only “bad” reviews are from people on forums from cheap bastards that have not tried the products.  At best, they were skeptical, but the only negative reviews for Test Stack No. 17 were from people that have not tried it.  Most people complained about the price.  Yes Test Stack No. 17 is expensive, but the ingredients in Test Stack No. 17 are not cheap.kettlebell-jump-rope- On the contrary, I could not find a bad review for for Test Stack No. 17 from people that used it.  The Test Stack No. 17 testimonials where all 4 and 5 star. People rave about Test Stack No. 17. Not just on the website, but Amazon and various forums.  Most people stated the saw amazing gains with Test Stack No. 17.  Here are some of the Test Stack 17 reviews:


-“I’ve been taking Test Stack for about two weeks now and have noticed changes in my strength while lifting on it. It definitely seems to have a great effect on strength training while I’ve been trying to bring my numbers back up in the compound movements. Still need more time to fully adjust to Test Stack and see what the entire bottle will do for me. I’m satisfied with it so far.” – MC


-“I feel like I’m on juice even though I know TS17 100% natural. I’ve increased my strength gains and my muscle mass. Plus it works wonders for the bedroom. This stuff is awesome”. – Rob


-“I’m in my 50’s and have been either competing or (at this point in my life) cross training for over 30+ years.. Although a bit costly, the results are worth the price. I’ve seen numerous fad supplements, most of which proclaimed results that never would come to fruition. Test Stack Rx definitely lives up to its hype and if you were to research the herbs and ingredients contained within this product you would understand the process as to why results are achieved. Its not a miracle cure for the “couch potato,” but if you train on a consistent basis and you diet accordingly,you will definitely notice results. By the way, an additional benefit is the fact that it measurably, (no pun intended) increases your libido. In conclusion, after utilizing this product not only will your body thank you, but your significant other will thank you as well”. – JL

Are there any side effects with Test Stack No. 17?

Actually, the only side effects we could find for Test Stack No. 17 is the excessive libido.  While it does not sound like bad thing, it did get annoying thinking about sex more than usual. It could lead to some bad decisions if you are willing bang away.

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How much does Test Stack No. 17 Cost? What is the Best Price for Test Stack No. 17?

Test Stack No. 17 is not cheap. Actually I spoke to the owner and its not even always available.  He actually showed me invoices from people ordering over $1000 worth of Test Stack 17.  BUT, sometimes there are promotions where if you buy 3 bottles Test Stack No. 17, you get one free. If you sign up for the ebook on the right, I will email you when special offers appear. Test Stack No. 17 cost $197.  Remember, you get what you pay for.  By clicking the link below, you will see if there are any specials going on. There are a lot of impostors so BUYER BEWARE.  Click Here to place you  secure order for Test Stack No. 17. By the way, the best part is that Test Stack No.17 has a 110% guarantee.  Let me remind you… I review a lot of products and many of them have return policies with lots of fine print, restocking fees or only refund unopened bottles.  I truly applaud Test Stack No. 17 for standing behind its product with a 110% money back guarantee.  Test Stack No. 17 can be shipped internationally for a flat fee of $19.95. So if you are in the E.U or Australia, Test Stack No. 17 is available to you too!


Our Test Stack No. 17 Conclusion

In case you can not tell, we genuinely love Test Stack No. 17.  There are many products that impress us, and TS17 is in the winner circle. There are many shady products, and Test Stack No. 17 is legit. I strongly urge you to do your own research but you will reach the same conclusions.  Ok, I know this was a long winded review… Check out Test Stack No. 17 and place you own secure order NOW.110-guarantee







1. Cnidium Monnieri has been used to treat a variety of diseases as well as male impotence. Study: Am J Chin Med. 2015;43(5):835-77. doi: 10.1142/S0192415X15500500. Epub 2015 Aug 4.

2.Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 35% Piperazine can combat human tumors and prevent certain cancers like Cnidium.
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Q: I just started takeing test stack 17 my second week iam 66 years old I lift weights three days a week I train hard no results yet will smoke inhalation hinder the effects of test stack -Alex

A: Smoking hinders testosterone production so that might effect the Test Stack No 17's effect on you.  However, it may take 2 weeks before you notice results.  Dont forget they Test Stack no 17 has a 110% money back guarantee if you do not like it.

Q: Does the Test stack no. 17 have a DHT blocker to stop hairloss ? Thats a concern to me. Thanks -Douglas

A: Test Stack claims you do not need a separate DHT blocker.  The formula takes that into account.

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  • What percentage of my gains will I retain after I finish with my cycle? What is the longest cycle you would recommend?

    • Hey Joe,
      I would say you would retain alot of it with Test Stack No 17. Of course you have to keep up the the rest of your routine but I would say alot of it. I would say I kept about 80%. I never do more than 8 weeks but there are people that use Test Stack No 17 longer.

  • I’m looking for strength, mass and defination.

  • Hi Ian,

    I just recently graduated college, and am looking to restart my workout routine and include a dietary plan. I wanted to thank you for your Ebook which has been very helpful as I assess my plan of attack. Your website has also been extremely helpful in my decision making process. The only question I still have is, “what about post workout?” In your=
    Ebook you suggest one creatine, but I’m not sure that\’s the one I would like to go with. I plan on incorporating both “Instant Knockout” and “Test Stack No.17″ but am not sure which post workout creatine to use. I have never used many supplements and am honestly a bit worried that I will use too much. Any advice that you can give me would be much appreciated. If you
    need more information; I’m 22, 5’8”, and 162 pounds (I’m guessing I have about 6 pounds of fat based on my previous weight). I would like to lose that fat, and then get up to about 165 again of muscle. Again, I would appreciate any and all advice.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      If you want to keep is simple with a pure creatine, then you could check out Muscle Advance Creatine. That way since you are taking TestoFuel and Test Stack No 17, you will not be taking any potentially harmful creatine drinks that have too many bells and whistles. Another thing you might consider is BCAA – Branch Chained Amino Acids. A simple one like Cellucor BCAA is the one I use. I take it with creatine after my workout, but I drink it during cardio, boxing, or road biking because I feel like it keeps me going when Im almost out of energy. But just make sure you are nourishing your body with protein too!

  • hi
    going to start my cycle of “masteron, prima and winny” , which wud be good for both ON CYCLE and PCT, as i m not using any TEST BASE (prop or enth), so which test booster u wud recommened??
    out these which is good for on cycle and pct both

    • They are both very good. And both have a 110% money back guarantee. Phytoserms347x has a few more ingredients and might be better suited as a PCT, but Test Stack No. 17 can be taken on cycle, alone, or as a PCT. You can’t lose.

  • Hi, I enjoy your supplement review videos and I need your help. I’ve tried both Phytoserms 347 and test stack RX and they work magic. I need to restock on T booster and I was considering between the PHYTOSERMS 347 X or the TEST STACK RX, which one would you recommend? Is the new PHYTO X worth it?

    • Thats a great question. You can’t lose with either. I think the new Phytoserms 347x formula is slightly better. But with the Buy 1, Get 1 free, Test Stack No17 is a bargain

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