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Natural testosterone boost for better muscle growth.


STACKLabs Andriol-


– What Is It?

If you ask any bodybuilder what’s the most important hormone or anabolic agent for getting your biggest, strongest, and most ripped, they’ll all tell you it’s testosterone. It’s known as THE male hormone, and it effects so many of our male characteristics, including muscles, strength, athletic performance, sexual performance, temperament. You name it, testosterone probably plays a role. When we’re young, we naturally have tons of it. But as we age, we produce less and less. So if you’re past 25, and you want to get serious about sculpting your body, you need to do something about testosterone. STACKLabs Testosteroxyl may be that something.

Testosterone replacement therapy involves doctors, prescriptions, and injections. STACKLabs Testosteroxyl is different. It’s a natural testosterone booster, which means it stimulates your own body’s natural production of the hormone. Your levels get lifted so you get all those benefits, but you’re not using synthetics, so you get none of the side effects associated with doing so.

What To Expect From STACKLabs Testosteroxyl

There are tons of direct benefits from a natural testosterone booster like STACKLabs Testosteroxyl. There’s:

  • Stacklabs Andriol-Test 40 Review 3Increased fat burning.
  • Quicker muscle recovery after tough workouts.
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • High energy and improved mood.
  • Elevated sexual desire and improved sexual performance.
  • StackLabs ships worldwide… so you can get StackLabs Testosteroxyl in Australia, Canada, Europe… wherever!

How STACKLabs Testosteroxyl Works

What’s so effective about testosterone is that it’s both Anabolic and Androgenic.

The anabolic effect means increased protein synthesis which leads to more muscle growth and retention. The way it works is by increasing nitrogen retention in your muscle tissue. This increased nitrogen is key to the protein synthesis process. Without nitrogen, there is no muscle building. With increased nitrogen, there is increased muscle building.

The androgenic effect is what boosts your male characteristics like sex drive and sperm count. It’s also responsible for up-regulating your mood and energy. It’s the feel good side of testosterone and STACKLabs Testosteroxyl.

The key ingredient in STACKLabs Testosteroxyl is super potent Tribulus Terrestris at 45% Saponins. Yes, other products you see on fake Facebook testimonials contain Tribulus… but they do not tel you the concentration like StackLabs Andriol-Test 40. Tribulus signals an increased release of Luteinizing Hormone from the pituitary gland. Increased LH signals for an increase in testosterone production. The end result is an increase in testosterone levels and all the benefits that go along with it.

The recommended dose is 1 STACKLabs Testosteroxyl tablet taken 2 or 3 times daily, whether you work out or not. On your workout days, you should take one of those doses about 30 to 45 minutes prior to your workout.

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Stacking STACKLabs Testosteroxyl

Stacklabs Andriol-Test 40 Review 2

Arguably, testosterone should be at the core of any bodybuilding supplement routine. As the pre-eminent male hormone, it’s advised that you use STACKLabs Testosteroxyl in any and all of your stacks. STACKLabs has put together quite a few stacks, STACKLabs Testosteroxyl being part of every one. They include the Lean Mass Cutting Stack, the Mass Bulking Stack, the Speed and Endurance Stack, the Strength Bulking Stack, and the Ultimate Bulking Stack.

As you cycle through the stacks, there isn’t any need for an off cycle of STACKLabs Testosteroxyl. Since it raises instead of inhibits natural testosterone production, there’s no need to take a break for the purpose of letting your natural production start back up, as is the case with synthetic testosterone replacement.

STACKLabs Testosteroxyl Benefits

  • It’s natural and doesn’t shut down testosterone production.
  • STACKLabs Testosteroxyl can be added to just about any stack.
  • It’s both anabolic and androenic.

STACKLabs Testosteroxyl Drawbacks

  • It’s more expensive than a lot of testosterone boosters.
  • It’s often used as part of a stack, which can get even more expensive (though you are saving on the per bottle cost).

Stacklabs Dianabal-Dbol Review 2

Where to Buy

You’ll find STACKLabs Testosteroxyl for sale at the STACKLabs website. A one month supply of 90 tablets costs $59.99. If you’re looking to save, buying multiple bottles will lower your per bottle costs. It also may be cost effective to buy STACKLabs Testosteroxyl as part of a stack. It’s usually like getting one bottle for free.

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Our STACKLabs Testosteroxyl Recommendation

It’s hard to argue with the benefits of adding a testosterone component to any supplement stack. With its anabolic and androgenic effects, you’ll get results more quickly and more well-roundedly. STACKLabs Testosteroxyl fits into almost any stack you can think of, and it would be a welcome addition.


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