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Does Testo Blast XL Work?


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Natural testosterone boosting supplements just keep getting more and more popular. These products are geared toward a few different groups – aging men, guys who want to improve their sex lives, and young bodybuilders who want an edge but aren’t willing to actually juice. Testo Blast XL is marketing toward that third group of guys.



What Is Testo Blast XL?


Testo Blast XL is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that promises to be a safe, effective alternative for growing your muscles bigger, stronger, and faster than you can do without supplementation. It also claims to increase your energy to new heights, and as a bonus, it improves your sexual performance as well.


These are indeed the typical benefits you can expect from an effective testosterone boosting supplement. Testosterone is known as “the male hormone.” By boosting your levels, you can expect movement toward a more anabolic state which means greater muscle growth. Increased testosterone also boosts energy and elevates mood, while increasing both thoughts of sex and ability to get hard erections. An effective testosterone booster can affect all those changes to an extent. The only thing left to figure out is if Testo Blast XL is actually can be included among effective testosterone boosting supplements.


Testo Blast XL Ingredients


Knowing what goes into the formula is probably the most important piece of the puzzle when figuring out if a supplement works. While we don’t have the kind of confirmation we’d have if we saw the bottle, our online research reveals an ingredient list that includes:


  • L-Arginine (1) which is present in many workout supplements. Its primary function is to act as a pre cursor to nitric oxide. NO is made in the body, and it works as a vasodilator. It opens up blood vessels, allowing them to let more blood flow through to your muscles during workouts. More blood means a few things. It means better pumps and vascularity for that ripped look. It means more oxygen during workouts for better muscle energy. And it means more nutrients delivered to your muscles post workout so your repair process is more efficient and effective. L-Arginine also may also help increase HGH levels as well.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which is thought to boost natural testosterone levels. It increases the amount of Luteinizing Hormone secreted from the pituitary gland, which then signals the testes to produce and secrete more testosterone. This is how it is thought to work, but it’s anecdotal, and there’s no real evidence of it.
  • Zinc (2)  which has been shown to have a correlation with testosterone levels. Low testosterone correlates with low zinc, while high testosterone correlates with high zinc. It is an important component to the chemical process of producing testosterone in the body.


This is all we know about the formula, and in addition to any supporting ingredients, what’s missing is ingredient amounts. In order for Testo Blast XL to work, ingredient amounts need to be sufficient, and we just don’t know this.


Testo Blast XL Before and After Testimonials


The Testo Blast XL website displays a few testimonials, but this is the only customer feedback we’ve been able to find. We’d prefer independent feedback as sometimes companies will embellish or even make up feedback. But in the absence of independent reviews, here’s an example of what’s on the website:

Bill from Los Angeles said: “I love this Testo Blast XL! I started taking it every day and feel like working out all the time now, lifting heavier than ever. I haven’t had energy like this since I was in college. Thanks to this supplement I am back in the gym nearly every day!”

George from Miami said: “This has totally changed my life! I used to be weak and lazy and never had the energy to work out like I wanted to. After taking this every day for a few weeks I could feel the difference and started lifting. Now I can see the results and hit the weights almost every day.”



Where to Buy Testo Blast XL


Testo Blast XL is only available through their official website, and the only way to order is by signing up for their “free trial.” You pay just $4.95 in shipping charges and they sent you a full one month bottle. If you don’t contact them to cancel within 14 days of your original order date, they will charge you the full price of $89.95, and they’ll start sending you a new bottle every month from then on.


This is common with supplements available online, and lots of customers have had trouble canceling trials similar to this one once they know what’s going on. That’s the biggest issue with them. People often don’t know what they’re signing up for because it’s only mentioned in the fine print.


Testo Blast XL Pros


  • The ingredients are natural, and include at least 3 beneficial ones.


Testo Blast XL Cons


  • It’s only available through their free trial offer, which isn’t really free at all.
  • The entire ingredient list and amounts are not divulged online.
  • There is no independent feedback available.


Our Testo Blast XL Conclusion


Testo Blast XL looks like a pretty mediocre supplement on its face. But given you can only order it by signing up for a free trial that locks you into monthly payments which may be difficult to get out of, I would say it’s not worth it in the end.



(1) Vascular endothelial cells synthesize nitric oxide from L-arginine. Palmer RM, Ashton DS, Moncada S . Wellcome Research Laboratories, Beckenham, Kent, UK. Nature


(2) Zinc status and serum testosterone levels of healthy adults. Ananda S. Prasad, MD, PHD, Chris S. Mantzoros, MD, Frances W.J. Beck, PHD, Joseph W. Hess, MD, George J. Brewer, MDNutrition. Volume 12, Issue 5, May 1996, Pages 344-348.

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