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Boost Testosterone Naturally




Note:  This is a review.  To order, visit the Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier website.




Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier ReviewWhen it comes to building muscle, testosterone is king. This is one of the first things you learn when you start lifting. But with more and more people leaving the juicing world and going natural, the shift has gone from actual synthetic testosterone replacement to natural testosterone boosting supplements, like Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier. In early days, these natural supplements weren’t all that effective, but as time goes on and scientific advancements are made, more and more guys are finding them to be every bit as effective as they need to be. But there are hundreds of choices, so let’s dig in to Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier to see if it’s the one you’re looking for to take your workouts to the next level.


Benefits of Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier


Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier claims all the same benefits that any natural testosterone booster would, including:


  • Increased fat burning so you can finally stop adding to that spare tire that ‘s been creeping up on you and start taking it off.
  • Increased lean muscle mass so your efforts at the gym can pay off again like they used to. As testosterone levels decline, you need to work harder and harder to get the same results. By increasing levels, Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier reverses that downslide.
  • Improved mood and concentration. Increased testosterone levels keep you more alert and attuned. Your focus is clearer, and when you’re getting things done, you feel more in control.
  • Better sleep. You’d be amazed at all the aspects of your life testosterone affects. When you sleep better, your post workout recovery is faster and more complete. You’re less sore after workouts, so you can go at it just as hard or harder the next time.


The idea that increasing testosterone provides all these benefits is well-accepted. The real question is: Does Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier have what it takes to accomplish it all. A look at the formula will help determine that.


Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier Ingredients


The Muscle Max website provides a fact sheet with most of the ingredient information we need, although most of the ingredients are included as parts of proprietary blends. This means we know what they are, but we don’t know how much is used. Here’s a list of what we do know:

The formula starts off with a full daily dose of Vitamin C which is an important nutrient as well as antioxidant.


The rest of the ingredients are included in three blends:


  • The Testosterone Modulator Complex includes Tribulus Alatus, Fenugreek Extract, and Maslinic Acid (1). It is suggested that Tribulus increases total testosterone in the body by stimulating the release of luteinizing hormone which in turn stimulates increased testosterone production. Fenugreek has been shown to increase muscle mass and free testosterone, and to reduce abdominal fat and increase energy levels. Maslinic Acid has been shown to have anabolic effects similar to testosterone.


  • The Androgen Receptor Response Complex is made up of L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT) (2) and Alpha Lipoic Acid. LCLT has been shown to reduce exercise-induced muscle tissue damage and enhance recovery. It may also improve the way muscles receive and bind with testosterone. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that protects testosterone and androgen receptors from oxidative damage.


  • The SHBG and Anti-Aromatase Complex prevents free testosterone from being bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and converted to estrogen with Chrysin, 3,4 Divanillytetraydrofuran, White Button Mushroom (3)(Agaricus bisporus), and Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaf Extract (std to contain 45% EGCG.


Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier Review 4



How To Use Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier


The recommended dose is 3 Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier capsules in the morning and another 3 capsules about 7 hours later, each time on an empty stomach. It could prove inconvenient to make sure to have an empty stomach twice in 7 hours. You’ll also want to note that you need to take 6 pills daily, and the bottle contains 90 pills. That means one bottle will last only 15 days.


Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier Pros


  • The ingredients are all natural. No need to worry about TRT side effects or PCT.
  • Ingredient information and explanation is available through the company website.
  • You can buy it online or in stores.


Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier Cons


  • We found several negative Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier reviews from dissatisfied customers, most of whom said they felt and saw little or no difference after taking it, even in some cases for months.
  • It’s very expensive, especially when you consider that you’ll need 2 bottles each month.


Where to Buy Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier


Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier is available online through the Muscle Max website. A single bottle costs 79.99, and with only 90 capsules, you’ll need two bottles for a month’s supply. The website also has a store finder feature, so you can enter your zipcode to find local stores that carry it. It’s also been available on Amazon.com, but at this time, they list it as unavailable.


Our Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier Conclusion


The Muscle Max 2TX: Natural Testosterone Amplifier is similar to a lot of other natural testosterone boosters. The biggest difference is the price. With each bottle costing $80, you’ll need to spend $160 for a single month supply. The formula and customers reviews just don’t justify that. Find something with better customer feedback that sell at a more reasonable price point.


Testofuel Anabolic Support Complex Review


We know that TestoFuel has a more potent formula and its been vetted by tons of users.  The reviews are good, the results are great.  And TestoFuel delivers more bang for the buck.  We suggest checking out the complete review, including the ingredients, by Clicking Here. 








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