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“Pop, Chew, and Power Through!”


Forged MHO Poppers – What Is It?

Everybody knows it’s true that if you want to really put on the big muscle weight, you need to have optimal testosterone levels. Maybe that means you use testosterone injections or gels. Maybe you go with prohormones. Or maybe you choose a natural testosterone booster instead. But you should know that whatever method you choose, if you’re raising testosterone levels, chances are you’re raising estrogen levels too. That’s because testosterone converts to estrogen in the body, so the more testosterone you’ve got, the more you have to worry about making sure your hormone balance remains optimal.

Forged MHO Poppers claims to help with that estrogen control process. Made by Transform Supplements, the tagline is “Pop, Chew, and Power Through.” Whether your in-cycle or post cycle, taking Forged MHO Poppers will ensure that your estrogen levels remain low, so you’re dealing with hard, dry, lean muscle gains.

Forged MHO Poppers Review 4How Forged MHO Poppers Works

Forged MHO Poppers is what is called an anti-aromatase. This means that it blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The components of the formula can also increase testosterone levels, so it that makes it a good candidate for use both post cycle and as a cycle all on it’s own.

The recommended dose is 1 Forged MHO Poppers tablet taken 3 times a day. You put it in your mouth and chew, then you swish it around in your mouth until it dissolves. Some guys may feel a difference right away, while others may take a week or so.

Forged MHO Poppers Ingredients

The Forged MHO Poppers formula is actually very simple, containing only 2 ingredients:

  • Forged MHO Poppers Review 2N-Acetyl L-Cysteine which is also known as NAC, is a powerful antioxidant that comes from the amino acid, L-Cysteine, but is more bio-available. NAC looks through the body for free radicals, and neutralizes them when they are found. It also protects liver health, and has actually been used in some cases to help treat liver disease.
  • 3-(4-Aminophenyl)-3-Cyclohexyl-2,6-Piperidinedione (aka Cyclohexylaminoglutethimide (1)) which is the actual anti-aromatase ingredient in the formula. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Forged MHO Poppers Benefits

According to the Forged MHO Poppers product page, what you can expect from taking Forged MHO Poppers is:

  • Increased testosterone levels.
  • Greater lean muscle mass.
  • Reduced estrogen levels.
  • Fat loss.
  • Boosted libido

There aren’t very many Forged MHO Poppers reviews from customers to look at, but there are a few. Guys who’ve taken it seem to like it, saying things like:

  • “By week 2 I have lost 3.5 pounds.”
  • “I feel less bloated and my muscles have gained density.”

Forged MHO Poppers Drawbacks

When a company is asking customers to ingest their product, you’d think they’d be very upfront about what’s in that product. Bodybuilders in particular are very knowledgeable and many of them are quite thorough about knowing what goes into their bodies and how they are and should be affected. Transform Supplements uses 2 ingredients in their formula, they tell you what they are, yet they don’t tell you anything about what these ingredients are and how they work to block estrogen and increase testosterone. Our own research and prior knowledge tells us that NAC is an antioxidant and that 3-(4-Aminophenyl)-3-Cyclohexyl-2,6-Piperidinedione blocks testosterone from converting to estrogen, but the expectation is that this information should be made available by the company that wants you to use their product.

It’s also not clear how Forged MHO Poppers increase testosterone other than by prevention of its conversion.

Forged MHO Poppers Review 3

Where to Buy Forged MHO Poppers

The Transform Supplements website has a “Find a Retailer” function, indicating several online retailers. The one month supply sells for about $49.99, which can be pretty expensive when you consider that Forged MHO Poppers is not generally used on its own.

Our Forged MHO Poppers Recommendation

When you’re putting together the perfect stack for whichever cycle you’re beginning, it’s important to consider all the angles, including the inevitable conversion of testosterone to estrogen. If you’re boosting your testosterone levels, you need something to keep all that extra T from becoming the dreaded Estrogen. With limited ingredients and limited information about those ingredients, you’d be better off skipping over Forged MHO Poppers and choosing something else.

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