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All the best bulking prohormones perfectly stacked for you.


What is GK Prohormones Dianabulk

If you’re going to supplement your weight lifting and bodybuilding efforts, there are a few different ways you can go. You can use anabolic steroids. The up side is that they work. The downside is that they come with a whole host of side effects that you probably don’t want to deal with. Oh, and by the way, they’re illegal, so there’s that too. You can use natural supplements. They upside is that they are legal and safe with very few, if any, side effects. The downside is that they are not nearly as effective as anabolic steroids. You’ll get benefits, but they can’t compete with the black market stuff.


Then there’s the third option, which kind of lands right in the middle between the other two. It’s prohormones. These are chemical compounds, similar in structure to anabolic steroids, but what they do basically is convert to the steroids, giving you both the benefits and the side effects, but both to a lower degree than taking the actual anabolic. GK Prohormones is a new line from Need To Build Muscle (N2BM), and their bulking product is called GK Prohormones Dianabulk.


How GK Prohormones Dianabulk Works

Most prohormone users do their research and choose which ones to stack together based on what kind of cycle they’re planning to run. What GK Prohormones Dianabulk does is make all those decisions for you. When you decide to run a bulking cycle, take GK Prohormones Dianabulk, with all the components you need to support your efforts and get you great results. It’s got bulking prohormones, estrogen suppressors, and everything you need to put on lean bulk.


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GK Prohormones Dianabulk Ingredients

Unless you’ve run prohormones before, you probably won’t recognized many (if any) of the names on this list, but that’s okay – we’ll explain what they do. There’s:


  • GK Prohormones Dianabulk Review 230 mg 17a-methyl-1,4-androstadiene-3 17-diol which is a “wet” bulking agent that converts to Dianabol at 15%.
  • 25 mg 18-methylester-4-en-3-one-17B-ol which has the effect of wet bulking, giving great size and strength gains. It’s also known for its muscle hardening effects.
  • 15 mg Trenavar (Estra-4,9,11 Otriene-3,17-dione) which is an over the counter alternative to Trenbolone because it converts at 20-30%. You’ll see results in the first week.
  • 15 mg Dymethazine (2,17-dimethyl-5-androstan-17-ol-3,3 -azine) which works like Superdrol for big gains, but with fewer side effects.
  • Methylclostebol (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-4-en 17B-ol-3-one) which is a close relative to testosterone, only more anabolic. It works quickly so you start getting result right away.
  • Estrogen/Prolactin Control Complex (L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) which is the main ingredient in L-Dopa which decreases prolactin. It mitigates the potential side effects from rising prolactin levels.
  • 6-Bromoanandrostenedione which binds to aromatase, preventing the enzyme from converting male hormones to female ones. Basically, it keeps your estrogen levels in check.
  • BIO-SORB (Absorption/Time Release Matrix) Carbopol which allows the other ingredients in the formula to be absorbed efficiently and in a time release way so that taking the capsules 12 hours apart becomes ideal.

GK Prohormones Dianabulk Benefits

  • The guesswork is taken out of decided which prohormones to take.
  • You can get massive size and strength increases with just one formulation.
  • It provides estrogen control.
  • GK Prohormones Dianabulk is legal.

GK Prohormones Dianabulk Drawbacks

  • Taking prohormones stacked in a pre-made supplement is relatively new and untested, meaning that short and long term side effects are unknown.
  • You need to take liver support while using GK Prohormones Dianabulk (and that’s not spelled out clearly in the literature or on the website).
  • It is thought that taking more than one “methyl” prohormone may be too much for the liver to handle.
  • You can probably expect some of the side effects associated with straight steroid use.
  • It’s too new to the market, so there aren’t any GK Prohormones Dianabulk reviews to help us out with how well it works in the real world.

GK Prohormones Dianabulk Review 3Where to Buy GK Prohormones Dianabulk

GK Prohormones Dianabulk is only available online. At a website called myproh.com, a 60-count bottle sells for $119.  The problem is that they are perpetually out of stock.


Our Final GK Prohormones Dianabulk Recommendation

The idea of stacking the right prohormones in one supplement designed to help you achieve a particular goal, like bulking up, is a great one. The problem I have with GK Prohormones Dianabulk is that it seems to take on too much too soon, and the company doesn’t provide enough supporting information regarding how to use it safely and effectively. The fact that you need to take liver support during your cycle in order to avoid potential liver toxicity should be highlighted, not barely skimmmed over. Then there’s the Post Cycle Therapy protocol to be considered as well. In the end, I’d say wait for GK Prohormones Dianabulk to have been around longer before you agree to be one of their guinea pigs.  And considering that that congress has passed a prohormone BAN, I would move onto something else.

CrazyMass Bulking Stack Review

Since Dianabulk is likely banned or soon to be banned, maybe you should check out something a little more legal and reliable.  CrazyMass Bulking Stack has successfully help put on size and increased strength from this cocktail of legal gear.  To see the review for CrazyMass Bulking Stack, Click Here

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  • where can I buy this product

    • Hey Chris,
      Dianabulk seems to be mostly out of stock. You are probably better off seeking an alternative like Phytoserms 347x…. which btw has a 110% money back guarantee. Check out the review here

      • thank you, do you carry this product? so I can deal with you directly
        looking for a super-stack if prohormone then sarms for pct
        can you hook me up?

        • Hey Chris,

          Sorry, I do not sell anything. I just review the products and give my 2 cents. I add the links to the sites when I find them. Feel free to browse around the site and when you decide on a product, click the link and it will take you to the website.

  • Is it still possible to buy dianabulk anywhere

    • Hi James,

      I dont think so. Its been awhile since I have seen it in stock anywhere. Your best bet is to check out something like Test Stack No 17 . And they offer a 100% money back guarantee. so you can use it and return it if it sucks.

  • How do you take dianabulk?

    • You just take is as directed, the problem is whenever you do to the GK Prohomrones website, they are always out of stock for Dianabulk

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