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Product Reviewed: LG Sciences Natadrol

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4 natural anabolic agents- anabolic power with none of the drawbacks of synthetic hormones.


What is LG Sciences Natadrol

Note: This is just a LG Sciences Natadrol Review. To order, visit the LG Sciences Website (which is always out of stock)


LG Sciences Natadrol Review 1LG Sciences is working overtime in their attempt to become your go-to shop for all things anabolic. They operate under the principle that prohormones are not only necessary for bodybuilders, but in today’s estrogen-filled world, they’re also necessary for just about any man who wants to perform at his best.
They used to have a product called Natradol, but they discontinued it because in order to be effective, guys were having to take 6 to 12 capsules a day, and that was just too much. Ever since is was taken off the shelves, though, guys who used it have been begging to bring it back. Well, they did, and the new LG Sciences Natadrol is the same as it ever was, except that it’s dosed more conveniently in fast dissolving tablets, so you only have to take at most 6 tablets a day.


What sets LG Sciences Natadrol apart is that it uses 4 different natural anabolic agents, so you’re getting all that anabolic power, with none of the drawbacks of synthetic hormones or prohormones.


LG Sciences Natadrol Ingredients


What’s included in this LG Sciences Natadrol formula are 4 completely herbal compounds that mimic the effects of prohormones, without any of the potential side effects or drawbacks. These herbs bind to and activate the androgen receptors which is great for post cycle therapy, after using one of LG Sciences prohormone products. These herbal components are:

  • Cissus Quandrangularus which provides the anabolic boost. It’s often used for weight loss and joint repair for its ability to regenerate connective tissue.
  • Curcuglo Orchioides which is a potent sexual stimulant without estrogen-like effects. Researchers describe it as having testosterone-like effects.
  • Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis which has a potent anabolic effect.
  • Tinospora Cordifolia Bark which activates the androgen receptor as effectively as synthetic testosterone. It’s also an antioxidant.


LG Sciences Natadrol Review 3

How LG Sciences Natadrol Works

The recommended dose is 1 tablet taken 4 times a day, best used as post cycle therapy to recharge your body’s own hormonal generation system.


FDA Seizes LG Sciences Inventory

In March 2006, FDA sent Warning Letters to four more manufacturers and distributors of synthetic steroid-containing products illegally marketed as dietary supplements.  One of these companies, LG Sciences (formerly Legal Gear), was the subject of an FDA seizure in April 2008 of nearly $1.3 million worth (23,300 bottles) of illegal synthetic steroid-containing body-building products labeled as dietary supplements.  To see the official FDA testimony, Click Here.

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How LG Sciences Natadrol Reviews


Most of the How LG Sciences Natadrol reviews I found were positive, but there were a few exceptions. The majority can be represented by:


  • “Natradol is extremely effects and works wonders if you are looking to recomp.”
  • “As a stand alone, the best natural product out there. Took it for 6 weeks and saw tremendous gains in strength.”


But there were a couple here and there that were more like this:

  • “Decided to try a bottle of this on my creatine off cycle to keep my strength. I don’t know if I’m too young for testosterone boosting and estrogen blocking supps, but I did not feel anything from this stuff.”

Where to Buy How LG Sciences Natadrol

You can purchase How LG Sciences Natadrol through the LG Sciences website. The 120 caplet bottle is one month cycle, and sells for $53.99. Sometimes there are promotions going on when you get to their site.  However looks like LG Sciences ran out of steam, because they are always out of stock. Other LG Sciences resellers are also out of stock on most of their products.


Our How LG Sciences Natadrol Recommendation

Some guys want to be as natural as possible. Others use the synthetic stuff, but know that it can have a way of shutting down your own processes, and create the need for post cycle therapy. For both these types of guys, How LG Sciences Natadrol is a great fit. Unfortunately with LG Sciences dubious inventory problems, we would stay away.


Phytoserms 347x

LG Sciences should be on a milk carton. Nobody has their stuff.  So we suggest moving on to bigger and better things, like Phytoserms 347x.  It is pretty awesome and can boost test levels without relying on dangerous Prohormones.  For the complete review, Click Here.




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