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Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347 Review


Note: This is a review of Phytoserms 347. For the Ruthless Supplements official website, Click Here.


Phytoserms-347I normally am pretty skeptical about the “Legal Steroid” category, because there are many impostors out there, but even less information out there.  A couple cops I know told me about a test booster by Ruthless Supplements called Phytoserms-347.  What irritated me is that lack of reviews out there, just a lot of posts on forums about Phytoserms-347.  Plus, not all the photos matched up. So, I purchased the REAL PHYTOSERMS-347 right from the manufacturer, Ruthless Supplements.


You may have also heard of Ruthless Supplements from their other test booster, RS-Transaderm.  Both are great products.  So what is the difference between RS-Transaderm and Phytoserms-347?  Ruthless supplements RS-Transaderm is a topical testosterone supplement but Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347 helps stimulate your own testosterone… up to 347% How they came up with such an exact number boggles me, but lets just say Phytoserms-347 significantly stimulates testosterone.

How does Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347 Work?

Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347 contains the purest Prolensis, which is a patented Bulbine natalensis compound.  Prolensis has been shown to safely raise testosterone while simultaneously lowering estrogen. Testosterone is an anabolic hormone in the human body that build muscle, increases focus, and improves libido.

Phytoserms-347 is powerful enough to increase testosterone production that you will see the following improvements.

  • Lose fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Get stronger
  • Improve performance (from the weight room to the bedroom) 
  • Phytoserms-347 may even improve libido

Ruthless Supplements PhytoSerms-347 review


Usually when you raise your testosterone levels, some of it gets converted to estrogen, and that estrogen can lead to SCARY unwanted side effects such as

  • Water retention
  • Fat accumulation, etc
  • Gynecomastia


THATS NOT THE CASE WITH PHYTOSERMS-347! WHY? Bulbine natalensis lowers estrogen while it raises testosterone. This means you won’t get the estrogenic side-effects that people can experience with illegal steroids or scam testosterone boosters.

 What Are The Ingredients in Phyroserms-347?

Inside Phytoserms-347 you will find 600 mg of testosterone building Prolensis, which is a patented Bulbine natalensis compound (std min. 95% 3,4-Divanillytetra-hydrofuran) and Fadogia agrestis.  Thats a mouthful but basically its 600 mg of testosterone building compounds.  Another 10mg of zinc completes Phytoserms-347.

 Are there any side effects with Phyotserms-347

I can not express that how much I am blown away by the science of Phytoserms-347.  The only side effect that that I could find was being a little to testosterone driven aka you want to bang anything that moves.  Like a buck during mating season, the increase in testosterone with Phytoserms-347 makes you horny as hell.  As for any estrogen side effects, I did not observe any and I could not find any reports of any.

Can I Stack Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347? How do I take Phytoserms-347?

I totally get how somebody might want to take Ruthless Supplements Testosterone Boosting Products… but have no clue where to start.  Luckily, Ruthless Supplements designed their cyclone stack to cycle RS-Transaderm and Phytoserms-347.  Check out the Ruthless Supplements step-by-step Cyclone Stack by clicking here

 What Are The Before And After Results of Phytoserms-347?

 Here are some of the Phytoserms-347 Reviews

couple“This stuff is like viagra and cialis on steroids. I take 1-2 caps a day and I have raging boners… lets just say my gf is a very happy camper since I started using this stuff. Take 1 cap an hour before sex, trust me on this.. and it doesn’t come with the side effects of drugs that the pharma companies spend millions to push. I love this stuff.”

 “I found this product very helpful in raising libido and mood. A very helpful compound to say the least. 


 I’ve ran Phytoserms-347 a couple different times to help boost my natural testosterone levels, and I was pleasantly surprised at my results. When ran standalone, I don’t normally get much out of OTC test boosters, but Phytoserms-347 did give me a nice boost in strength and libido and my sense of well-being increased as well. I’ve also used it to aid recovery as part of post cycle therapy, and that PCT ended up being my most succesful to date as I recovered quicker and retained more gains than I had in the past. Phytoserms-347 isa product that I plan to continue to use both as a standalone natural enhancer, and as part of future PCTs. Very solid product!

Check Out My Video Testimonial On Ruthless Supplements Phytoserms-347

 How Much Does Phytoserms-347 Cost? How do I get Phytoserms 347?

First off, it seems like there are a lot of Phytoserms-347 knockoffs.  If it does not look like the Phytoserms-347, you can not
be sure it is real.  Real Phytoserms-347 is not cheap though.  If  you want to rock out with your Phytoserms out, you have to CLICK HERE to get the real deal.  Its not cheap though… the Real Phytoserms-347 runs over $200, YOU CAN USE THIS LINK TO SECURE YOUR PHYTOSERMS-347 ORDER AND SAVE, you can get Phytoserms-347 for $227 shipped.   Also, Phyotserms-347 can be shipped to internationally for a flat fee of $19.95.

I recently reviewed a line of products (who I will not embarrass) who has a return policy of 30 days for unopened product only after a 15% restocking fee. WTF kind of return policy is that. NOT RUTHLESS SUPPLEMENTS… They have a 110% satisfaction guarenteed policy.  I have never seen that before, but that sticks out as ethical and Ruthless Supplements stands behind their product!

Does Ruthless Supplements PhytoSerms-347 work

There are a handful of products I covet on this website as being 100% legit.  Ruthless Supplements PhytoSerms-347 is one of them.  With a 110% money back guarantee, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. Plus if you do the cyclone stack and take RS-Transaderm before the Phytoserms-347, the before and after will be incredible.  Lets face it, Phytoserms-347 is not cheap, but its the most bang for the buck.  Do yourself a favor and visit the website  THIS LINK TO SECURE YOUR PHYTOSERMS-347 ORDER AND SAVE. Sometimes Ruthless Supplements lets me know where there is a sale. Sign up for the free ebook to the right, and I will send an email when Ruthless Supplements has a sale.



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